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Dark to Light Webinars Session 5


Study Ancient Codes of Existence based upon Kabbalah,

Zohar and Beyond.

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Session 5: 4 Lessons

Session 5: Wednesday May 5, 12,19, 26


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Dark to LIGHT

- Expansions’ Spiritual Revolution Group Webinar Series

Study Ancient Codes of Existence based upon Kabbalah,

Zohar and Beyond.

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Session 5: Wednesday Session 4: Wednesday May 5, 12,19, 26


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Recommended reading/ resource materials:
“King Bee, Queen Bee”,Template of God-Mind”,
Revelations of Time & Space, History and God
Studies will not be limited to these resources.

3 reviews for Dark to Light Webinars Session 5

  1. Gina Cetnar

    This is valuable information I’ve come across, very pertinent to these ‘end times.’ Janet and Stewart do an excellent job explaining this ancient information and how to make it applicable to our every day lives. I highly recommend viewing the past webinars to gain a base understanding since this information builds on that.

  2. Susan Suehr

    May I ditto what Gabrielle says here.

    • Stewart Swerdlow

      My dear, you may ditto, spitto, hitto, and any other itto you like. 🙂

  3. Gabrielle Timlin

    This work matters. It’s benefiting me greatly (which hopefully means I benefit others). When doing the exercises in this series I find that this does make a big difference and I’m able to take more responsibility for my life because of this. Very necessary for our times. Highly recommended.

    • Stewart Swerdlow

      Thank you. Now is the MOST important time to learn and apply this information.

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