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Decoding Your Life


“Live Your Life With Supreme Confidence – Attract Happiness, Good Health and Beautiful Relationships by Appreciating Both the Positive And Negative As Teaching Tools”  Details Below

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“Live Your Life With Supreme Confidence – Attract Happiness, Good Health and Beautiful Relationships by Appreciating Both the Positive And Negative As Teaching Tools”

Achieve extraordinary inner shifts using the world-renowned techniques developed by mystic and spiritual teacher Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow.

Janet – internationally renowned Oversoul Intuitive – shares powerful self-improvement techniques that connect you directly with God-Mind. Learn how to use her techniques to implement major changes with ease while you remove your own mental obstacles and doubts. This unique book enables you to:

Quickly find your own answers

• Know by “Knowing”

Be proactive instead of reactive

• Release old, useless habits and mind-patterns

Install lasting and effective change

• Recycle your Energy

Grow younger and more youthful

• Use color and design to bring out all your potential

Consciously communicate with your Oversoul and God-Mind

• Attain happiness and peace of mind

Decoding Your Life shows you how to literally “reprogram” your soul-personality to help you attain your loftiest goals.

Janet shows you how to create amazing results by taking you step-by-step through her highly powerful techniques. Thousands worldwide effectively utilize her methods to implement life-changing habits with ease. Now you too can impact your life in ways never before imaginable.

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7 reviews for Decoding Your Life

  1. Gina Cetnar

    This was one of the first books I read after I discovered their website years ago. If anyone is new to Expansions information this is best book to start with your journey. It can be thought of as a beginner’s book or Hyperspace 101. As you read and learn the vast topics it’s important to put them into practice to get the results and see the positive changes. This isn’t a quick fix type of book, it’s a process, a life journey that takes you deep within yourself. Janet teaches you to teach yourself, to seek out your own answers, and to trust yourself, your inner knowing or intuition. As she says in most of her books, you are the most fascinating person you know, and you are your own best teacher.
    I’ve read and re-read this book numerous times because as you learn more about yourself and your outer world, you pick up deeper layers of information that you may have missed the first time. There is no other self help or metaphysical book like this. I highly recommend it!

  2. Susan Suehr

    I purchased this book years ago on amazon. After years of trying new age methods of healing, this book has been the only one where I have resolved old emotions. I bought into the old methods of raising emotions that just did not work for me. The old emotions kept coming back. I also bought into the lies that affirmations hurt you rather than help you reprogram. These new age methods only helped my bury my emotions deeper down within me. Finally Janet offered how to vertically release emotions rather than keep them inside while horizontally releasing them with negative thoughts and emotions that were denied by me. I finally was able to work on guilt and shame that I felt my whole life. With releasing my emotions and extracting the juice first using the direction Janet gives, I was able to resolve my emotions. I was able to move into deprogramming my mind patterns and creating new ones with affirmations. I finally for the first time in my life felt genuine love for myself and started to let in self worth and self value. This book was such a God Send to me, that I bought one for my daughter and son in law to help them through these crazy times. Whenever I feel stuck, I come back to this book because there is usually an answer.

  3. Lacey

    This book is an extremely important one for building a foundation, so that you can grow. It breaks down all areas of Self and life, so that each piece makes sense. It breaks down the layers of each topic in a way I have never seen.

    The chapters are broken down into sections, making it easier to read and absorb. At the end of each section, there is an Appendices that has affirmations and exercises to help put the information into practice.

    This book has helped me with many things, especially understanding the layers of balance. It also goes in depth with explaining what energy is, and how to use and control your own energy. It asks questions to make you think and figure things out about yourself. It is a reference I will continually go back to, as I learn more each time I do. This is an amazing book for everyone, anywhere you are at in your journey.

  4. Sydney Fowler

  5. Elaine J S

    This book has so much in it. It’s a book you can refer back to many times. It is an expansive way of looking at daily life.
    There are exercises that can be done on your own or in a group study. There are a lot of tools/concepts that help make daily life better and increase self awareness. Thank you Janet.

  6. Jenny Weeks

    This is a MUST HAVE book if you want to truly change your life! Janet guides you and gently teaches you HOW to go inside yourself and peel back layers and layers of learned behaviors, emotions and everything else that you’ve taken on through your lifetime that actually belong to someone else! So many popular life coaches tell us to go inside and be positive and just believe but don’t give us the tools or direction to do so. Everything you need to change your life, remove blocks…find out the reasons why you react the way you do is in this course. You will feel IMMEDIATE changes. IMMEDIATE! It happened to me and I am going through this course again. Life changing! Simple, practical and easy to understand and implement, you WILL be amazed at how dynamic and strong you ALREADY are! An absolute MUST have!Don’t let anymore time go by. Isn’t it time to do something for yourself?

    • Janet Swerdlow


  7. Narelle

    This is the book that the Self Healing Webinars are based upon. I can tell you, whether you attended them live or watch later, there is so much to learn. I am grateful to Janet for the opportunity to learn more experientially as I had read the book when I first received it, refer to it often, but it has been those webinars that really shone a light on the book!

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