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$296.00 / month for 18 months

Welcome to Expansions’ Hyperspace/Oversoul Certification Training.

The Expansions Hyperspace/Oversoul Health & Healing Certification will introduce you to basic and advanced Hyperspace and Oversoul Tools and Techniques, and how to practically apply them in your life as well as assist others in doing the same.

Minimum score of 70% required per quiz. 

(You may take the quizzes a total of 3 times to improve your scores.

Highest score counted in your overall scores)

$296 monthly subscription until you complete your course.

(Estimated 10 -18 months) –  18 Months Maximum time allowed.


Your recurring fee will stop once you have completed the course or the 18months has expired.


Required videos & webinars included with the Expansions Membership.

 Not Included:

   Needed books, study guides & recommended products.

Site Membership required for the duration of the course.

Hyperspace Oversoul Health & Healing Certification

Welcome to Expansions’ Hyperspace/Oversoul Certification Training.

The Expansions Hyperspace/Oversoul Health & Healing Certification will introduce you to basic and advanced Hyperspace and Oversoul Tools and Techniques, and how to practically apply them in your life as well as assist others in doing the same.


What You Get:

Certification in Hyperspace/Oversoul Health & Healing Techniques

Tools for Your Personal Self-Growth and Confidence to Assist others in their Self-Growth.

Once you receive your Certification, you get:

           A listing on the Expansions Website Resources page

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           A 26% discount on the most regularly priced Expansions products,

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Course Structure:

There are 28, quizzes to be completed covering the required videos & books

Take each quiz as you complete the required Video/Study Guide or Book.

You will get 3 attempts to take each quiz with the highest score counting as your final score.


What You Will Study:

Subjects to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Time Travel within and beyond your Oversoul Matrix

  • The Eternal Now

  • Mind-Control and Deprogramming

  • Mind-Pattern Correction

  • Harnessing Personal Power

  • Accessing Your Inner Strength

  • Enhancing Your Natural Creativity

  • Victim-Mentality Identification and Release

  • God-Mind and Beyond

  • Universal Law

  • Language of Hyperspace

  • Color Codes

  • Chakra Band System

  • Visualization, Prayer, Meditation

  • Affirmations

  • Alternative Medicine and Healing

...And So Much More!


What You Need to Buy - if you do not already have it

Expansions Site Membership Required

– gives you the most access to materials.

Either via product discounts or free access to videos & recordings

8 Expansions Books:

Highly Recommended:

15 Study Guides

To use in conjunction with their respective videos.

-Great to refer back to and take notes in.

Required Reading & Viewing:

Expansions Books:


(Via the Members Video Channel)



  • Self-Healing Group Webinar Series - via Members Video Channel

  • Self-Healing / Affirming You Group Webinar Series - via Members Video Channel

Study Guides:

Suggested Products:

Archetype cards & templates:


$296 per month until course completion. (Estimated 10 -18 months)

-  18 Months Maximum time allowed.

Required videos & webinars included with the Site Membership.

 Not Included:

   Needed books, study guides & recommended products.

Site Membership required for the duration of the course.



Dr. Stewart A. Swerdlow is an intuitive who focuses his consciousness beyond time and space (in Hyperspace) analyzing humanity's foundational mind-patterns that cause a physical or mental disease to occur. He is a linguist who speaks ten languages, and an expert in deprogramming who determines which Illuminati programs are embedded in the mind-pattern of any individual. Stewart’s mission is to help others heal themselves and control their own minds in a fulfilling way.

Due to his family history, which includes Stewart's great-uncle, Yakov Sverdlov, the first president of the Soviet Union, and his grandfather who helped to form the Communist Party in the United States in the 1930s, Stewart was “recruited” for specific government mind-control experiments. Spending 13 years at the Montauk Project enhanced his natural abilities.


Dame Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow is an internationally renowned Oversoul Intuitive whose natural abilities allow her to communicate with God-Mind and beyond, directly, replicating tones of creation from Hyperspace.

Due to her blend of American Indian and Celtic genetics, as well as her Magdalene lineage descent which extends back through her Waldensian heritage from Southern France, Dame Janet sees and hears frequencies on all levels.

That allows her to access information within the Oversoul matrix consciously. With the aid of the mind-pattern analysis, Janet teaches self-balancing techniques that can be easily incorporated into everyone’s daily living.

What is Expansions?

Stewart and Janet combined their expertise into a project called Expansions, a platform where they share their knowledge both virtually and during live classes, through books, blogs, podcasts, and other formats.

What is Hyperspace?

Think of this analogy comparing hyperspace to an egg: the yolk is physical reality; the egg whites are the astral and the shell is Hyperspace. Hyperspace holds all the egg together. There is neither time nor space but pure thought transmission in the eternal now. All that exists is mind.

What is the Language of Hyperspace?

The Language of Hyperspace is the Original Language that emanates from the Mind of God, the basis of all creation.


Enroll In This Course:

Hyperspace/Oversoul Health & Healing Certification

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Earth Mother, Birth Mother
Father Sun, Father Son
The Human Animal-Mind Explained Webinar
Fasting & Detoxification Webinar
Spring Cleaning
3 Day Group Fast Webinar
September 2015 3 Day Group Fast Webinar
Spring 2016 3 Day Group Fast Webinar


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February 14, 2023

For those who want a complete guide to keep your soul growth in the positive direction, this is the course for you. It is laid out with step by step work to move you deeper and deeper into knowing yourself. If you ever wanted to know where to start with Janet and Stewart’s work, this course is a path that will move you years beyond any other program out there. I have taken so many of them, all the “New Age” ones and psychology ones over the years. It is quite extensive. What is really amazing is that I had taken so many of the webinars, watched the videos in the membership forum and read all of the books at least once and some more than once. Going through them again in an organized way to build upon each other was amazing. It was like working through the material for the first time. I would shake my head and say to myself, “I must have switched realities because this material is so different than the last time I did it”. I was exploring this material on a whole different and deeper level. The real key is how has my life changed since taking the course. Much of my life I had never been able to shake feeling shame for just existing. I took another course for just this years ago. It never resolved for me then and never resolved for the additional 6 times I took it. Finally after taking this course, I have not only resolved this feeling for me, but I released guilt for things I did not do years ago in which I had wished I would have. I am now able to see my reality “objectively” as Janet suggests in “Decoding Your Life” book. I was not sure I even knew how to do that before. Going through Stewart’s book “Medical Apocrypha” again along with the webinars has given me so much understanding about my body signals for healing. I have healed so much now because of that. For years I was living with poor sleep by waking up with leg cramps. Sometimes I would just lie for hours in pain. I now sleep without them and feel refreshed each morning. Going through using color and dreaming at this deeper level has totally surprised me. I had this vivid dream one night that I knew was very important because I remembered every little detail. Having taken this course, I was able to analyze it in a way I had never dared I would be able to do. I asked Stewart to give me feedback on my interpretation and he agreed with me. Of course in Stewart fashion, he added a nice addition. This course puts you on the path to be able to do this work yourself along with your Oversoul. Going within for my answers is ever so important now and now I can do it. Now I know how to defeat the death program as well, continual soul growth. My oversoul will keep me in this body as long as it is useful for my soul growth. This course opened my eyes to that. Why forget and come back in a new body when you can remember and expand your soul every day and every nano second. We are so afraid of being lonely because of others leaving the physical that we love. Now I know my Oversoul will always provide and I will never be lonely. The world really needs this course and hopefully someday it will be a normal curriculum in our schools. This is how we were meant to live our reality.

Susan Suehr