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Monthly membership subscription:    $26/month recurring charge
Quarterly membership subscription:  $62/quarter recurring charge
Annual membership subscription:    $197/year recurring charge
Note this is a recurring fee but you can cancel at any time!
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Expansions Membership

Can’t get enough Hyperspace/Oversoul info?

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Shield of Solomon, 72 Names of God,

4 letter Name of God in Hebrew & English

Glossary of Expansions Terms, Janet’s Articles, Dream Dictionary,

Janet’s “Peace in the World” Music & Lyrics

If You Sign Up NOW, We will include with your membership the following FREE E-books :

  • “Universal Law”  with a monthly subscription
  • “Universal Law” and “Health and Healing” with a quarterly subscription
  • “Universal Law”, “Health and Healing” and “Financial Flow” with an annual subscription

FREE Downloads exclusive to our members:

  • Shield of Solomon,
  • 72 Names of God,
  • 4 letter Name of God in Hebrew & English,
  • Glossary of Expansions Terms,
  • Janet’s Articles, Dream Dictionary,
  • Janet’s “Peace in the World” Music & Lyrics

Membership Includes:

    • Unlimited viewing access to our extensive Member Video Channel with most of our past Seminars & Webinars available for your viewing – Priceless!
      ~ This is a treasure trove of invaluable information to assist you in your personal journey of Self-Discovery! This information in its entirety is not available anywhere else.
    • Access, Interaction & Feedback on ALL 4 of our Private Member’s Blogs,
      ~ where Janet & Stewart interact with you on a regular basis, including the “Ask Whatever You Want” Q&A Blog. – Priceless! 
      Note: Personal Questions require Personal Consultations
As if this was not enough:


Janet & Stewart also give you a 17 % Discount on most regularly priced products & services!
~ This includes our books, consultations & scans. – Truly an incredible offer!


Access! Interaction! Feedback!

Monthly subscription:    $26/month recurring charge
Quarterly subscription:  $62/quarter recurring charge
Annual subscription:    $197/year recurring charge

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Membership Period

Monthly – $26, Quarterly – $62, Annual – $197

32 reviews for Expansions Membership

  1. Colette

    -Very happy with my decision to become a member!

    We all struggle with deciding which purchases to make these days and for good reason!

    Joining has been a decision I have never looked back on. There are so many benefits, including a ton of content & member discounts, but I find the support the most valuable! The support from other members as well as the undying support from Janet, Stewart & the entire Expansions team is truly amazing! You can tell they really do care about everyone and making this world a better place!

    Mental health has been such a “buzz” phrase lately, but it truly is everything! It is a rare & beautiful thing when you know you can just reach out and be sure to get the support you need to give you peace of mind!

    We all need each other & this is a beautiful community that supports that!

    Not that I needed it, but with their cancellation policy, there is nothing to lose & everything to gain when you too become a member.

    Hope to see you on the other side 🙂

  2. aldaco_israel

    I am over joyed to have found expansions when I was in highschool in the summer of 2011. I was always interested in the paranormal, aliens, spirituality, ect.. through my own research and discernment I was able to confirm for myself and piece things together. I concluded that Stewart and Janet were unique, truthful, wise and abundant with knowledge far beyond anyone else. If I had never found expansions I would most likely still be walking aimlessly through life all this knowledge has forever changed me though I know I have only scratched the surface and the further I grow the stronger I will become and unlock more of my true potential. Thank you so much Janet and Stewart for all that you do I have tremendous love and respect for the both of you humanity prospers with all the knowledge that you both teach.

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