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    • Unlimited viewing access to our extensive Member Video Channel with most of our past Seminars & Webinars available for your viewing – Priceless!
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      Note: Personal Questions require Personal Consultations
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    Monthly subscription:    $26/month recurring charge
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22 reviews for Expansions Membership

  1. Sonia Morris

    I’m blown away with this information. I’ve been studying energy work over ten years now and is so complete. I can’t get enough, this is what I’ve been searching for. Thank you Stewart.

    • Stewart Swerdlow

      You are most welcome and thank you for the wonderful words. 🙂

  2. Tanya Fleurant-cheff

    I personally strongly believe we should canonize alive Stewart and Janet!
    There should be a University with the teachings I found on !
    It’s like, I waited my whole life to find out about all theses things….it connects everything to everything, my path to the universe.
    I am thankful for all this great informations it is priceless.
    I strongly recommended to everyone.


    • Stewart Swerdlow

      Spaciva padrooga! Well, many want to do other things to me alive. LOL!

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