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Expansions Membership

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  • Shield of Solomon,
  • 72 Names of God,
  • 4 letter Name of God in Hebrew & English,
  • Glossary of Expansions Terms,
  • Janet’s Articles, Dream Dictionary,
  • Janet’s “Peace in the World” Music & Lyrics

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Monthly subscription:    $26/month recurring charge
Quarterly subscription:  $62/quarter recurring charge
Annual subscription:    $197/year recurring charge

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32 reviews for Expansions Membership

  1. Gabriela Elena Mitroiu

    It is nice and very helpfull the book. Thank you guys!

  2. Lacey

    This membership has changed my life. I have always been searching for answers to life- why I am here, what is my purpose, etc..and I have had a lot of intuitive and spiritual experiences that I knew were real, but I didn’t know how to put all of the pieces together. This is helping me put all of the pieces together, and I am learning more every day. I read Janet’s daily blog which is so insightful and makes you ask questions to find the important answers you are looking for. It also gives you support as it is interactive. The information from the video seminars is extensive and amazing, everything from true world history to aliens to healing and finances; as well as video poscasts on current events. I am so grateful and thankful for Janet and Stewart’s guidance. It is truly priceless, and my life is getting better every day as I am growing with this knowledge.

  3. Jade

    REVIEW FROM SHARON : Regarding the Hidden Histories, Hidden Mysteries webinar, this was so enlightening and the Clear Energy exercises were worth the price admission alone. Gary the Numbers Guy wowed me, with his explanations the number 11, Well worth watching.

    Here is my testimonial Mother Earth/Birth Mother: This webinar helped give me more insights regarding the wounds that women carry one generation to the next. It also explained how my attitudes towards my own birth mother, mirrored my subconscious attitudes towards Mother Earth.

    Please listen to this webinar and the Father, Son/Father, Sun webinar

  4. Maria

    A big change in my life has started with the membership at Expansions. I was eager to learn more about Janet and Stewart’s work, and I’m totally glad I signed up as there’s tons of information about the Illuminati agendas, deprogramming and personal growth at I love watching the video recordings of the seminars. This information is worth so much more than anything money can buy, and is a great investment in Self.
    The use of Hyperspace archetypes and symbols that Janet and Stewart are teaching is fundamental to all existence and is the ‘key’ to unlocking one’s DNA information. Highly recommended to anyone willing to elevate themselves and unveil the best of their endless potential.

  5. Craig

    Christ on a crutch, Stewart, this latest 2-23-2018 posting from you has me in a sort-of-shock on a very deep level! I can relate ALL TOO WELL, like I was reading MY OWN recollections! I couldn’t help but think- “How the f— can this even be happening?!? 2 Russian women have suddenly reconnected with me- I take both on dates, and they each know the other is in the picture, but don’t seem to mind a bit, like they are twins that were seperated at birth (but were they?) I’ve had the 4 hours of sleep a night thing going on for a couple of months now. I feel much more connected to my past self, and get memory flashes from the past, when I was a much larger man in physical stature that worked loading and unloading ships, by hand. I feel like that big man when I get to hold smaller women in my arms for hugging. I could go on and on, but I know you already know what Ive been experiencing. I think it’s true, that we all were once ONE SOUL that got shattered like a mirror and became billions (trillions?) of the same soul. Reflections indeed, of the GodMind experimenting with all ways of Being? All Good Medicine, my brother in AllBeing, -Craig AnderSSon (I was a high-ranking officer for them, you once told me!:)

  6. Elaine J S

    Janet, I enjoyr your blogs(interactions). Many times, I think this month’s topic is my favorite topic,I don’t want it to end. But, then the next month comes and I find I’m interested in your next monthly topic blog.

  7. Anna

    For me it is very useful to have this membership.
    I became a member after I had the opportunity to ask a question on the weekly podcast. I WANTED more answers.

    There is a LOT of material available to the members. I started as an observer, and did some exercises.
    I was surprised at, how fast I got results from the exercises I did.
    Then I jumped on the weekly fast.
    And now – I have gradually become an active part of the blog.

    Whether I´ve wanted to be in the background (and work with myself), or I want to be more visible, there are opportunities and tools to help me further.

    And the best. I discovered another Expansions-member living very close to where I live.

  8. Cody

    I’ve always held onto my membership because the support helps me through the day and the blogs are always timely. Well worth the membership!

  9. Elaine J S

    I agree with the comments above made by Allison. I’ve been a Expansions’ member for about 1 1/2 years. I visit their website daily for their blogs, videos etc. Janet poses questions on her blog-and it’s fun and good learning to participate. Expansions’ membership has been an uplifting experience for me.

  10. Alison Hilary

    I find that Expansions poses many questions, ideas, and ways of seeing. It is up to the viewer to recognize how those things may or may not affect them and if/how they can use it to change their lives for the positive. My Expansions membership is very important to me and I use it daily as a support for my growth as a conscious person. I enjoy sharing on Janet and Stewart’s personal blogs. There are many people who share their experiences and insights on the blogs as well. I find it is a supportive community where we are all working towards understanding ourselves and our individual purpose here. I find that writing and reading the blogs is a daily practice and well worth the small investment in my membership.
    The video channel is a wealth of information that expands upon and works as a great complement to the series of books by Janet and Stewart. I highly recommend a membership.

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