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Monthly membership subscription:    $26/month recurring charge
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Expansions Membership

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  • Shield of Solomon,
  • 72 Names of God,
  • 4 letter Name of God in Hebrew & English,
  • Glossary of Expansions Terms,
  • Janet’s Articles, Dream Dictionary,
  • Janet’s “Peace in the World” Music & Lyrics

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    • Unlimited viewing access to our extensive Member Video Channel with most of our past Seminars & Webinars available for your viewing – Priceless!
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Monthly subscription:    $26/month recurring charge
Quarterly subscription:  $62/quarter recurring charge
Annual subscription:    $197/year recurring charge

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Monthly – $26, Quarterly – $62, Annual – $197

32 reviews for Expansions Membership

  1. Sanja Zontar

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate your work. I am still at the beginning, working daily your exercises, listening your videos, reading your books, but I feel better and better. I have more energy, more hope and more understanding. I think that this website is the way to help people to live freer, to change for the good, to be happier and healtier. Love from SLOVEnia, Sanja

  2. Bryson Murray

    This site=Freedom.
    I was to my last dollars and just enough to buy a three month membership my mind urged me so I went for it. Now I have two prosperous jobs a new home on the way and sovereignty. My mind is incredible and I know how to use it now. In Gratitude and respect for you both blessings best dollar a day investment I’ve ever made in my life. ❤ bought to order the books to be on the way; exceptional website and my mind patterns are so Harmonious now no looking back .

  3. Susan Suehr

    Totally enjoying the training in here. I do energy healing and use some of the archetypes as witnessing visuals. Good results doing that vs. my old method of witnessing. Following along with my kindle books. Easy to follow & have cleared up much.

  4. Helen

    Love the Q&A, and the blogs, also the videos.

  5. Diana Falby

  6. Anonymous

    I love Stewart and Janet’s work. Watching the videos and practicing the exercises makes a real difference in my experience of my body, my mind, my dreams, and my understanding of the world.

  7. Elaine J S

    It does feel good to take a topic for the month, go through different questions and view the comments. Knowing that Janet’s blog is in the background available for me to read,learn, gain comfort or know that I’m not alone – has been really great.

  8. Ariane

    I’ve had my membership at Expansions for 2 months now and I can’t even begin to calculate the value of what I have learned here. I have been applying the techniques taught by Stewart and have found that my life has become more balanced and manageable. Janet’s blog has had material that I can think through, learn from, and then share my experiences on blog. The transparency and honesty of both Janet and Stewart is lovely, as well the members. It’s a breath of fresh air! I am so happy that I joined Expansions!

  9. Maria Labra

  10. Crystal Yancy

    Expansions is a treasure !

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