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Expansions Membership

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  • Shield of Solomon,
  • 72 Names of God,
  • 4 letter Name of God in Hebrew & English,
  • Glossary of Expansions Terms,
  • Janet’s Articles, Dream Dictionary,
  • Janet’s “Peace in the World” Music & Lyrics

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Monthly subscription:    $26/month recurring charge
Quarterly subscription:  $62/quarter recurring charge
Annual subscription:    $197/year recurring charge

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Monthly – $26, Quarterly – $62, Annual – $197

32 reviews for Expansions Membership

  1. Elaine J S

    I’ve been an Expansions’ member for 5 or 6 years. In years past I read many authors and listened to video presentations that weren’t that effective. After I found Expansions I improved my health and did hyperspace exercises for my mind. This website has blogs to read or participate in; and videos to watch. Thanks to Stewart and Janet for bringing forth this unique information

  2. Kimberly Hendricks

    I became a member of the website yesterday and have been blown away already with the extremely useful information I have already received!! I now wonder what took me so long to join!

  3. Amy Pleckaitis

    Stewart & Janet have given me my life back. For anyone that doubts this, I have copied & pasted below the exact text that I entered in December of 2020 (when I had intended to purchase a consultation with Stewart). That never happened because rather than simply take my money, Patricia made what she felt was a better recommendation for me at the time… thus, for a mere $26 for a site membership, not only did it turn around the specific issue I was struggling with, it gave me so much more. I am convinced that the results I experienced were NOT a coincidence or accident but rather a DIRECT result of my will to achieve positive change AND my commitment to putting in the RIGHT KIND of work to achieve those changes. I’m now back, this time with a $62 quarterly membership and $200+ worth of books because the results from that initial $26 investment were so tremendous… but (paraphrasing here!): DO be careful what you wish for (or rather, do be careful what you ask the Universe for AND HOW you ask for it) because for those that put in the work and try, it WILL deliver… I just wasn’t specific enough; thus, while my initial issue was SOLVED and then some, I’m back to fine tune things. In terms of my initial results, I invested a mere $26.00 and: in working FEWER hours per week than I had the past 2-3 years, I have made MORE MONEY IN THE PAST 2-3 MONTHS THAN I HAD IN THE PREVIOUS 3 YEARS COMBINED. I firmly believe this [changing my mind patterns and doing even just a few exercises/affirmations each day] was the missing link because there is NO OTHER explanation for the DRASTIC rapid turnaround. Here is what I’d written, (copied & pasted exactly) back in December 2020, (when I was originally planning to order a consultation with Stewart):

    How can I overcome the MASSIVE blockage of financial ruin?
    NOTES/Background: I graduated college with a 4.000 GPA and many honors to boot; I am a former National Champion distance runner; I’ve done/succeeded at almost anything I’ve ever put my mind to. Part of my “problem” is having TOO MUCH love of life: elite, solo off-trail hiking / adventuring is what I LIVE FOR , yet RARELY can partake in because my live is a black spiral due to the financial ruin… AND not from any drugs/lavish shopping/other addictions… I’m as frugal as it gets and very happy that way. After SLAVING in the corporate world in my early 20’s – mid/late 30’s, VERY BIZARRE circumstances led to losing my job AND nearly EVERYTHING I ever worked for… I bounced back and got my real estate licensed but can’t make a more than $15,000/year (despite working OVER 100 hrs/week AND having loads of talent). It is KILLING me not being able to just have 40 days / year (INCLUDING weekends/holidays) to enjoy nature/hike. I’ve studied the works of David Icke, Bruce Lipton, Dolores Cannon, Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and MANY others) and I KNOW that it [my struggle with finances] is NOT natural and deeper rooted in bad programming that I’ve obviously thus far been unsuccessful at un-programming/reversing. I don’t normally pay for services like this and (had never even heard of you) but your 30 min video on Project Montauk resonated more than any of the others and I’m praying that you are able to give me the tools/insight because darkness is horrible and I am fast slipping away.

    Needless to say, I look back in absolute awe at where I’d come from and where I am today: small things just seemed to align out of nowhere after discovering Stewart & Janet’s content. And in 2-3 months time in 2021 (working FEWER hours than the previous 2-3 years), I have made MORE MONEY IN THE PAST 2-3 MONTHS THAN I HAD IN THE PREVIOUS 3 YEARS COMBINED!!!

    • Stewart Swerdlow

      Thank you for this wonderful and personal story. You have touched our hearts and boosted our minds to continue to help wherever we can. Bless you!

  4. Carol Allin

    I consider this website and the information Janet and Stewart choose to share as a sanctuary—for sanity, for questioning, and for discovery—and support. Self discovery I take responsibility for, but it is so much more encouraging to share it with at least a few like-minded people or kindred spirits.

  5. Katrin Fridriks

    it’s the greatest gift u can do for urself ! on top Stewart has an incredible humor & Janet has an incredible patience in explaining, they’re lovely.

  6. Elaine J S

    I have posted re: membership review in the past. But I thought I would just mention this other detail.

    About 4 years ago, I thought I had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and was researching what to do about it. Then I found Expansions’ body of work and used their health scan/ information and hyperspace exercises to get better.

    As well, these last few years had additional potentials of very traumatic experiences for multiple life events. Expansions’ body of work helped me stay centered and have much better health and feel more harmony within.

  7. Helle Kjaer Hansen

    I have been working with tools alike for many years. Though I got heavily ‘attacked’ and almost died in 2017 and my brain haven’t worked correctly especially since then. Since I signed up I have seen hours of videos daily and are doing the exercises many times a day and it works! So I am really relieved and soooo grateful and appreciating of returning to health. I do need help though because I cannot download the ebooks that came with my subscribtion – there is no file attached. I did download Icecream Ebook Reader but with no file it dosen’t help. I wrote you twice but no reply. Well, for sure you are busy, but please help in this matter. I also ordered quite some books, but haven’t received any confirmation nor withdrawal from my visa, so it’s like I am invisible in space. Beside that I love this and are very excited to proceed…..thank you beloveds! Helle

    • Janet Swerdlow

      So glad to hear that the tools are helping you and so sorry to hear you have not gotten the responses you need. I will contact [email protected] along with a cc to the webmaster to find out what is going on. We will get this sorted for you asap. Thank you for letting me know and thank you for your support.

  8. Elaine J S

    I renewed my membership for another year. If I didn’t have the membership I would miss it. There are so many layers to learn with Expansions’ materials. Rewatching an Expansions’ video again, a year later, brings more understanding. I like to consider the concepts Janet or Stewart writes about. Recently on the blog, Janet talked about a hyperspace exercise that I had forgotten. So I did that exercise and it was just what I needed.

  9. Sonia Morris

    I’m blown away with this information. I’ve been studying energy work over ten years now and is so complete. I can’t get enough, this is what I’ve been searching for. Thank you Stewart.

    • Stewart Swerdlow

      You are most welcome and thank you for the wonderful words. 🙂

  10. Tanya Fleurant-cheff

    I personally strongly believe we should canonize alive Stewart and Janet!
    There should be a University with the teachings I found on !
    It’s like, I waited my whole life to find out about all theses things….it connects everything to everything, my path to the universe.
    I am thankful for all this great informations it is priceless.
    I strongly recommended to everyone.


    • Stewart Swerdlow

      Spaciva padrooga! Well, many want to do other things to me alive. LOL!

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