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Geographic Locator Scan




Would you like to know where your personal energetic frequency matches the best Earth energy?

Did you know that you can use the Earth energy to boost your own personal energy to more easily overcome personal challenges?

Did you know that this same Earth energy will enhance all that you already know and do?

Your personal frequency must be planted on the Earth in a place that feeds YOU the most positive energy. Living in the right location will truly lessen your struggles and help you surpass challenges and personal issues with far greater ease.

If you have challenges in your life and need to find a place that suits your personal frequency, or if you are considering a move for ANY reason—career, health, safety, relationships, or finances—this is the scan for you!

The Geographic Locator Scan is a highly personalized service. Your report will tell you exactly what parts of the Earth resonate with your energy, thus making every day a good day for you.

Having a Geographic Locator Scan from Stewart A. Swerdlow is like traveling with your own personal “life” map, pointing out all the correct stops for you to focus on and helping to empower you as you move forward through your life.

This amazing report will last you a lifetime. Never again will you wonder “is this a good place for me to live?”

Get the ultimate boost to empower you to live your life to the fullest. Find out where in the world you DO belong!

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After your Geographic Locator Scan is created, we will email you the final report.

Receive your Geographic Locator Scan Only $197

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November 8, 2016

I would like to share my joy about the quality of information that was covered in report. It was very precise, and just universal. The report is very useful, as you can check then any place you wish to live in based on this report, and see whether the place is good for you or not. I am so happy I ordered it, as I am very sensitive to places, now I understand why in some places I struggled and could not stay there long, while at other places I was at peace with myself, people and nature. thank you so much for your amazing work! with warmth and love. Dina

Diana Falby
October 20, 2015

From time to time, I am told that I am, “Too white to live in California”, and things like that, even by medical people. I have always wondered why I am so sensitive to heat, get triggered easier and more harshly when it is hot outside, and not so much when it is cooler outside. Also, why my digestive system seems to work better in humid climates, and not as well in a dry climate. Well, now I know. And its all in this report.

Derek Oxenreider