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Healing with The Name (English/Turkish) PPV


Did you miss Healing with The Name English/Turkish 2 Hour Online Seminar

Now available on Pay Per View

Topics will range from history, to religion, DNA. body systems, Ohalu Council, Shield of Solomon, Sefirot, God-Mind, creation, programming, 4th Reich, Antarctica, and so much more


1 review for Healing with The Name (English/Turkish) PPV

  1. Pasqualina Cipollone

    Dear Stewart, Janet and Patricia:

    Thank you so much, Stewart, for the wonderful Webinar: Healing with the Name.

    The topic was so interesting….very detailed and a lot of information to learn, but you explained it so well. You were very thorough, organized, and concise!!

    I look forward to your next Webinar.

    Thank you so much for this information, especially during this time!

    I want to tell everyone about this…..but, have to always be mindful of my audience!

    All the best….Much love,


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