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Heights of Wealth


Height of Wealth

by Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow

If you give a poor person money, he/she will soon be poor again.
If take the money away from a rich person, he/she will soon be wealthy again.
If you give a poor person money, he/she will soon be poor again.
If take the money away from a rich person, he/she will soon be wealthy again.


Do you want more money?
Do you want to more fully participate in the experiences that money brings?
Do you know what you are asking for?
Does more money bring more responsibility?
Does more money bring more choices?
How are your current choices?
Do you make the correct decisions?
Can more money dig you out of your mind-pattern holes or bury you in deeper?
Are you willing to take the time to build a Wealth Mind-Pattern?
Do you want to increase your Self-Worth/Self-Value Mind-Patterns?
Do you want to learn to think like a Rich Person?
Are you willing to release Poverty Programming and the genetics that support this?


This volume in Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow’s “Heights of” series guides you into position to receive and accept the Positive Abundance of All That Exists.
Uncover buried mind-patterns that hold you back.
Create forward movement.
Put Spiritual Law first and the rest of your life falls into place, one step at a time in a way that you can handle.

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5 reviews for Heights of Wealth

  1. Mariya Slavcheva

    I approached this book quite skeptically since we are all programmed that “money” is not a spiritual thing. Guess what – my perspective totally changed after diving into the pages of this amazing creation called “Heights of Wealth”. As Janet teaches – money is simply energy that can be influenced and directed to our advantage. At the end of the book there is an invaluable article by Stewart Swerdlow which gives us real, scientifically tested frequencies that can activate wealth and prosperity in your life. No need to mention that I tried some of these myself, and they really work! This book is a brilliant piece that all of us should have in our library!

  2. Aman Nakagawa

    This book differs from books that you may have read about generating wealth because it gets you to reflect and remove foundational mind patterns that work against a person being able to generate an abundance mind set. Janet gives examples about the lies that we learn to internalize about self-worth and beliefs about finances. No stone is unturned! I love how practical the affirmations, mental work and visualizations are. They can be practiced in meditation, while walking, while commuting and all of the in between spaces of one’s active and busy life. I feel confident and strength of resolve for achieving just what I need at just the right time. The important thing is that you have to work at it, regularly and consistently!

  3. aldaco_israel

    This book has given me the gift of knowledge of thought provoking and infinitely deep questions and for that I am forever grateful.

  4. Joseph Tougas

    For the first time in years, I don’t feel content with what I have. As I read Heights of Wealth and work to elevate my frequency, a fire is igniting inside me. A craving that wants more and better. An appetite for a nice home in a nice neighborhood, with a nice view; more and better options; international adventure; better friends to share it with; a nice car to go where I want in comfort and style.
    I want to have it doing something I like, that is important to me. I feel it in my bones and my soul. I know that I am not designed for low frequency living. Looking out my window, I see a run down neighborhood with garbage blowing about in the wind. Houses falling apart, plastic and plywood holding them together. People walk by with stooped posture and one foot on the grave. They are content. I am not.
    For the past several years, I’ve been content with the minimalist life. Having nothing means you don’t have to pay for anything, work for anything, carry anything. Nothing can be stolen from you because you haven’t anything to steal. It feels like freedom for awhile. But ultimately I find it limits the relationships one can have, the adventure, the thrill of life. I demand this thrill, and I swear to God my war is now against the mind games that deceive me into thinking I can’t have it! That I have to choose between money and joy. That the current global madness can take away my dreams. That a collective irrational fear will be my dictator.
    Bah! I won’t accept it.
    Something has shifted with me. Maybe that’s why I needed to be here now. To feel the boot on my neck, to awaken the wild animal that doesn’t recognize captivity.
    It is clear that I can elevate my frequency, mind pattern–reaching up to Oversoul and God-Mind, for the silver and gold ring. Not down in the gutter for a government check.
    I thank you so much for helping me see this! The time is now.

  5. Susan Suehr

    Like most of Janet’s books, this one is rich with questions to allow us to expand beyond where we currently are where wealth is concerned. This is about real wealth, a life filled with access to resources. This book is so helpful for how to be proactive in my life. Going through this slowly and deprogramming as I read along. I am so grateful for all your books, webinars & hyperspace techniques.

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