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Heights of Deprogramming


Heights of Deprogramming $35

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This book is a must read  to understand the intricacies and complexities of deprogramming.  Deprogramming is not an overnight process, as much as you might want it to be.  Deprogramming takes time, dedication and a willingness to go into the deepest layers of your Soul.
The more you exercise your mental, emotional and Spiritual minds, the stronger the Soul becomes.  Stress can be your friend rather than the enemy that you are programmed to believe.
Greet your challenges with your head held high. Anchored in the strength of your Oversoul and God-Mind, challenges make you experientially strong, wise and knowledgeable. Align your own internal power with the Power of Source from which everything in existence flows.
Never underestimate what you can do when you are aligning with your own Source.
Always remember that no thing or person can do your work for you.
Deprogramming is work. Work is an honorable word  from which you reap honorable and satisfying Soul rewards.
Be willing to dig into your own discomfort to continue to understand the deepest layers of your Soul.
By doing the work, you see for your Self that every day,  in every way,

I AM better than I was.

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3 reviews for Heights of Deprogramming

  1. Mariya Slavcheva

    Words are powerless to express how I truly feel about this book. To me this is the most comprehensive manual how to surpass and thrive in the physical reality. I’ve heard so many truth seekers ask: how can we get out of the “matrix”, is there a “cheat sheet” that could help us? Well, this is it – an amazing tool to understand the reality around us and how to navigate through it successfully. And it doesn’t have anything to do with cheating 🙂 This is the real deal! The book simply explains how the Universe works, how our Mind works and the techniques we can use to achieve what we need. I can’t recommend Heights of Deprogramming highly enough. Definitely a must read for anyone focused on personal growth and expanding their consciousness.

  2. Norma

    Heights of Deprogramming is another amazing resource from Janet. As I read, I had many ‘Aha!” moments and a heightened perspective of the myriad of often tiny ways that we’re programmed every day to follow the narrative. It’s an eye opener as Janet beautifully lays it all out and suggests solutions as to how to navigate one’s programming. Her affirmations provide a great tool to help understand mind patterns and create a better life for all spiritual beings having a human experience.

  3. Crystal L. Yancy

    I’m reading the Heights of Deprogramming. Everyone should read this book it’s the most comprehensive on the subject of Deprogramming that I’ve ever read.

    I do intermittent fasting and take daily sea salt baths and showers.
    I’ve been reading the book for about a week and since then, I released 10 pounds doing my own Deprogramming work !!

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