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Heights of Health & Alternative Medical Apocrypha Bundle


Take Control of Your Body, Mind & Spiritual Health

You are a Powerful Mountain Fueled by Source!

These 2 books provide powerful tools and techniques that you can customize to bring Your Personal Healing To Fruition on Levels of Your Being!

It is Highly Recommended to get the Companion Book as well
The 2 books provide a great set of information & tools to use in
Your Personal Healing!

Alternative Medical Apocrypha $53

Heights of Health $35

Heights of Health & Alternative Medical Apocrypha

Over 1,000 pages of Health & Healing Information!

It is fitting that the cover of “Heights of Health”, as well as “Alternative Medical Apocrypha” carry the image and frequency of a Powerful Mountain walked by the Ancient Ones to remind you of that which you already know:

You are a Powerful Mountain Fueled by Source!

Heights of Health

An Ancient Path of Healing is now in your hands as Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow reveals that which is hidden in plain sight.

Janet’s healing methodologies come from her Ancient Apostolic Ancestral genetics that actively guide and show her the way so that in turn, she can show you the way.

“Heights of Health” is like having an intimate chat with Janet.

She is an expert at teaching you how to teach your Self, as True Healing only comes from within.

Answer the questions posed to you within these covers to discover the depths of your Soul in ways that you never before considered.

Peel off the layers of your current life to reveal your own glowing magnificence.

  • You have a purpose.

  • You are here for a reason.

  • You are a unique Cell within the Absolute.

  • You are greater and more powerful than you can now imagine.

Connect to your Source to dispel Illusion and find your way into the:

True Reality of the Fabric of Your Own Existence.

NOW is Your Time to Be What You Already ARE!

When You Put Source First,

You Are Your Own Best Healer!

Alternative Medical Apocrypha

  • Your Missing Link to Permanent Health & Healing

  • Mind-Pattern Analysis

  • All Health & Healing is Within You

  • You Already Have Your Solutions

NOW is the time for you to Unlock & Interpret

Your Personal Health Secrets for Your Self

Everything in the outer world only exists as a reflection of what is already within you.

Medications, plants, herbs, food, vitamins and minerals can be wonderful boosts to the Mind-Pattern when used correctly and in balance.

But nothing external ever permanently cures any physical illness or disease until you address the mental/emotional reasons for the physical condition in the first place.

In this ground-breaking book of

Mind-Pattern Analysis,

You are going to finally understand what you can do to reverse any negative physical condition within your body.

Body always follows Mind!

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Both Alternative Medical Apocrypha & Heights of Health $88 , Alternative Medical Apocrypha $53, Heights of Health $35

3 reviews for Heights of Health & Alternative Medical Apocrypha Bundle

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July 30, 2020

“Heights of Health”. I am currently reading it. I found it so soothing and calming. What is very important to me, it resonates with me and I finally slowed down. Tones of rhetoric and mind blowing questions. Answers come immediately by “know by knowing” feeling. To me this book is a huge step forward to “Decoding Your Life”.

Thank you Janet for sharing.

Barbara Wolski
February 25, 2020

The Alternative Medical Apocrypha is a formal update of Stewart’s “Mind Body Correlations” seminar and provides the reader with a thorough understanding of underlying mind patterns that create and sustain the human body and mind patterns inherited through genetics, family, programming and simultaneous existences that result in disease. He shows the reader how to correct those patterns using Hyperspace basic techniques, deprogramming and supplements. It is a phenomenal work which will expand your thinking about outpicturing robust health. As with all of Stewart and Janet’s work, I will be reading this work repeatedly for years. I am looking forward to reading “Heights of Spirituality” by Janet.

Aman Nakagawa
January 10, 2020

I just got the book combo a few hours ago. Each of these books are impressive. This book is laid out beatifully which makes for easy to access a particular health issue or health in general. I I enjoyed reading Stewart’s dedication. As well, there are quite a few colored illustrations.

Elaine J S