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Heights of Relationships


Heights of Relationships

Welcome to a World of Soul-Growth


Heights of Relationships

Welcome to a World of Soul-Growth

The first relationship you must always have is with your Self.

This is the missing piece from every relationship

Because Everything you need to know about relationships is already within.

Every  person is a reflection of some part of You. This is why it is so important to look at Self first, understand your imprinting and observe how you continue to repeat these cycles. Then, you can make conscious choices.

As a Microcosm of the Macrocosm, You Are the Potential for All Things.

Know Thy Self

What will you do with what you find within?

Are you willing to study the needs of your Soul?

Why did your mind-pattern pull specific relationships to you?

Can you accept  intense lessons that provide exponential Soul Growth?

Does your Spiritual Mind take precedence over your Animal Mind?

Are you ready for a Soul-satisfying relationship with your Self?

Are you Relationship-Ready?

Embrace the Magnificence of  Your Soul in its Totality.

Welcome to You!


4 reviews for Heights of Relationships

  1. Susan Suehr

    Having a positive relationship with self is what brings better relationships to you. This book is loaded with any relationship issues that you may have and solutions to resolving them. All I can say is that I have left all the melodrama in my life behind. Yes there are family members that think I am crazy, yet I don’t try to change their mind. That is their business. This book is a must for the upcoming times. So many of Janet’s affirmations will bring you to the present because by resolving the relationship with self requires you to let go of who you were and who you thought you were supposed to be based on other people’s agendas. You in your present moment lets in more of the real you. This book uncovers that for you.

  2. Sebastian Ketterer

    Sebastian F. Ketterer March 26, 2022

    Do you have any idea, what “positive temptation” is?

    Did you ever read one of those books… Advice, with a lot of suggestions in them, and you never do them? You read the book to the end and feel nothing has changed? I had this experience a lot. So I started to read this book, and thought it would probably be the same.

    This time I made a different experience. And here’s the thing: I don’t even know how Janet Diane, Mourglia-Swerdlow does it, but I had to constantly stop reading and do, what Janet suggested to do, and it worked! What means I just had to constantly apply, what I was reading. It was a challenging as well as a exiting, life changing process, what in the first place helped me to improve my most important relationship – the one with my Self.

    So if you want to improve your ways of relating, to yourself as well as to your family, your peers, your co-workers at work, and to your spouse, same or the opposite sex, Hights of relationships is your book!

    Of course you could also read it just for entertainment or for the intellectual information, and even for this, you will not get bored, so much I promise.

    But if you really want to get the optimum out of this book, you will work with it, allow it to communicate with you. And actually, it is tempting to do so. I found it hard not to work with it on my most personal, most intimate issues.

    If this book does the same with you as it did to me, then it will invite you with its questions, it will inspire you with its affirmations, which you find at the end of each chapter. And what kind of affirmations! Nothing like what you usually get on the market.

    That’s what I did first, before I even started reading this book: I was so much curious for the affirmations, because if I have any kind of issue, I love to write an affirmation related to the issue. Exactly this is the fascinating thing here: take any issue, that is bothering you, concerning relating to other people, family, spouse, Self, what have you – and you find an affirmation which addresses the exact issue.

    This is what happened to me, and it is an easy way. If I write an affirmation down 3 times, that makes me more aware of the issue, and this takes not much time! Maybe a couple of minutes. So if I repeat this over the following days 7 times, (this is only a couple of miutes per day), I really become aware of the issue, and something in my ways of relating changes, even how I am relating to my Self! Writing affirmation helps you to manifest something in physical reality. This is only one example of how you can significantly change something in your life. For me it works, why not for you?

    Hights of Relationships is full of such treasures. Many issues are being addressed, and questions kindly invite you to find out something about yourself, and how you can change things in your life.

    The thing is, you might not believe it, until you actually do it, and even while you do some things, like writing affirmations, you might already notice, while doing it, that something inside your self is shifting, changing.

  3. Alec Cope

    This book is not only truly a work of genius, but it’s also the closest thing you’ll ever get to a paper mirror. Thats the level of self reflection and self discovery found here.

    It’s genuinely criminal this book is not only as underrated as it is; but also the fact it isn’t in every conceivable library.

    Cannot recommend it enough, Janet knocked this one out the park and beyond.

  4. aldaco_israel

    ‘Heights of Relationships’ is certainly giving me many new insights on the relationships that I have and broadening aspects of self in new and deeper ways than I imagined. I found myself quite emotional upon reading unlocking memories and interpreting them that will only deepen as I proceed.

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