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Heights of Relationships


Heights of Relationships

Welcome to a World of Soul-Growth


Heights of Relationships

Welcome to a World of Soul-Growth

The first relationship you must always have is with your Self.

This is the missing piece from every relationship

Because Everything you need to know about relationships is already within.

Every  person is a reflection of some part of You. This is why it is so important to look at Self first, understand your imprinting and observe how you continue to repeat these cycles. Then, you can make conscious choices.

As a Microcosm of the Macrocosm, You Are the Potential for All Things.

Know Thy Self

What will you do with what you find within?

Are you willing to study the needs of your Soul?

Why did your mind-pattern pull specific relationships to you?

Can you accept  intense lessons that provide exponential Soul Growth?

Does your Spiritual Mind take precedence over your Animal Mind?

Are you ready for a Soul-satisfying relationship with your Self?

Are you Relationship-Ready?

Embrace the Magnificence of  Your Soul in its Totality.

Welcome to You!

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2 reviews for Heights of Relationships

  1. Alec Cope

    This book is not only truly a work of genius, but it’s also the closest thing you’ll ever get to a paper mirror. Thats the level of self reflection and self discovery found here.

    It’s genuinely criminal this book is not only as underrated as it is; but also the fact it isn’t in every conceivable library.

    Cannot recommend it enough, Janet knocked this one out the park and beyond.

  2. aldaco_israel

    ‘Heights of Relationships’ is certainly giving me many new insights on the relationships that I have and broadening aspects of self in new and deeper ways than I imagined. I found myself quite emotional upon reading unlocking memories and interpreting them that will only deepen as I proceed.

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