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Hidden Histories 3 Day Seminar PPV


Hidden Histories 2015

“Hidden Histories & Hidden Mysteries”

3 Day Seminar Video Recording

View for 1 Month – $350

"Digging Deeper" with Janet & Stewart Swerdlow


Gary the Numbers Guy (the numerology and Astrology behind the Global Economic Collapse)

Steve Spyrison who will be speaking about Mary Magdalene & the ISIS connection!

Christopher Garetano – Producer/Director of "Montauk Chronicles"


You may THINK you are digging deep within, but Janet & Stewart show you that you have just begun!

In another ground-breaking seminar, Stewart reveals research from his last year of globe-trotting, giving you important information so you can connect the dots to see what the outer world is TRYING to do to you!  With this incredible information, You learn about Your Own Transformative Power Within and how to direct it for the benefit of All.

Understand Your Own Role  in the upcoming Global Changes as well as your own purpose and mission in this lifeline…why DID you choose to be here at THIS moment to be part of THIS “history in the making”?


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