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Hyperspace Plus


HYPERSPACE PLUS builds on HYPERSPACE HELPER to give you even more advanced Hyperspace/Oversoul techniques. Full Use the #HyperspacePlus hash tag.below.

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HYPERSPACE PLUS builds on HYPERSPACE HELPER to give you even more advanced Hyperspace/Oversoul techniques.

  • Step-by-step visualizations to increase your place of personal power
  • Descriptions of DNA Scans and how to reveal your genetic memory
  • Explanations of God-Mind and the Flow Chart of Existence
  • Connections between your DNA and your Oversoul Matrix
  • The background and philosophy behind the techniques
  • Full-color images of the Archetypes described
  • Glossary of all terms

"All chaos is only order not yet understood"
Find the order of your life ~ Identify your strengths
Correct what needs to be fixed ~ Move forward

Find Your Own New World Order...
Then no one has the power to create one for you...

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Weight 2 oz

5 reviews for Hyperspace Plus

  1. Josh Brownstein

    Hi, I just received my very own copy of HYPERSPACE PLUS and it’s amazing!! An absolute must read for all towards enhancing and experiencing true forward progress in one’s life for the better. My sincerest thank you to the Swerdlow family for everything you’ve meant to me these almost ten years of my continuing life journey. A fantastic new book, a must read!

  2. Randyl

    If you truly wish to optimize your understanding of Hyperspace, energy visualizations, and Oversoul/God-Mind understanding, you would own the set: The Hyperspace Helper and Hyperspace Plus. The Hyperspace Helper begins with the very basic exercises ~ breathing, chakra spinning, and foundational visualizations such as “The Child Within” to heal the past; along with beginning deprogramming techniques, i.e., use of the Brown Merger – to integrate all of yourself. Hyperspace Plus is a perfect follow-up text and it begins with DNA information and goes into deeper visualizations using more advanced archetypes such as “White Winged Lion” and “White Winged Dragon”. Both books are enhanced with Janet’s deeply educational articles. Stewart teaches Hyperspace like no one else I’ve ever known. I love both books and regret not spending enough time with the visualizations. Now with Hyperspace Plus, I am definitely motivated towards more consistency with them. It’s time to dig-in and really grow and these books are super tools!
    Randyl R MacDonald-Johnson

  3. Tavis Stanley

    Amazing information from amazing people:) If you are doing your basic work, you need this book! Change the world

  4. Aman Nakagawa

    Hyperspace Plus brings together foundational methods for grounding, balancing, releasing, connecting and deprogramming. It provides a newcomer to this work with a range of techniques through which incredible change can be effected. For those familiar with Stewart and Janet’s work, every key Hyperspace and Oversoul technique is linked to full seminar work on hyperspace, mind control, deprogramming, color codes, pyramid work and more. The more you practice, the stronger your mind becomes. Janet’s articles offer guidance and context for where to focus ones efforts in developing healthy, robust mind patterns.

  5. Clifton

    A must have comprehensive book of in-depth advanced hyperspace tools and techniques building upon the foundational work of the classic “Hyperspace Helper”. Hyperspace Plus features work spanning several seminars including the phenomenal White Winged Dragon/White Winged Lion, DNA deprogramming, Interdimensional viewing etc. These will change your life if applied consistently!!

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