Hyperspace Signature Scan

Your Current “Hyperspace Signature” Scan is a set of Archetypes, or geometric shapes, upon which your entire mind-pattern is based. This is a color, two-dimensional representation of your multidimensional “Hyperspace Picture” of your Personal Frequency at this point in time. This is how you are recognized in hyperspace.

Study your “Hyperspace Signature” to better understand who and what you are at this moment in time and space. You can make careful decisions about the mind-pattern that creates your frequency, deciding what you want to keep and what you want to discard or change.

To aid you in this, we provide the “Hyperspace Signature” Goal Scan. We change the Archetype placements and colors to shift your mind-pattern, to upgrade to your highest potential.

Once you have the “Hyperspace Signature” Goal Scan, you can visualize it at the Pineal Gland, put it under your pillow so that its frequency infuses into your current mind-pattern, and/or or set it under your water bottle to absorb the changes into your Personal Frequency.

You will receive your Current “Hyperspace Signature” & Goal Signature via a high quality PDF file.

Hyperspace Signature Scan: $476



1 review for Hyperspace Signature Current & Goal Scan

  1. Narelle

    WOW! These scans are amazing! I have a more clear understanding of my issues and within minutes of working with the goal signature, I could feel things shifting. I’m releasing fear, feeling more calm and balanced, less reactive. LOL! Thank you Stewart!

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Hyperspace Signature Current & Goal Scan

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