These Archetype Cards are great mind-pattern enhancers. Allow the energy of the archetypes to permeate your cellular structure, mind-pattern, and your surroundings.

Our Archetype Cards are sturdy, laminated cards with rounded corners.  We offer 8 1/2 x 11 inch size which is a great visual aid to post around your home (emanating their specific frequencies out into your energy field and environment to change your mind-pattern and thus your life!). These cards focus specific nonphysical frequencies into the physical to enhance your ability to manifest positive changes and improvements in all circumstances. With these cards you immediately feel the frequencies change to your benefit. Large Archetype Cards are 8 1/2 x 11 size, and come in the following frequencies:

  • BEAR FREQUENCY:   Increases protective nature; enhances introversion for self-study; best for males
  • CHAKRA SYSTEM:  Proper chakra band sequences, colors, and placement
  • DOLPHIN FREQUENCY:  Eases mental shifting into hyperspace
  • GREEN PSYCIC ENERGY:  Clean up your Personal Energy
  • LION FREQUENCY: Increases your direct awareness to God-Mind power
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION:  Protects whatever you desire
  • WOLF FREQUENCY: Enhances family relationships

Large Cards are only $44 each

The Complete Set is $287

2 reviews for Large Archetype Cards

  1. Eli Strobel

    The cards are amazing. They give me a very good sense of protection and good energy. Thanks expansions!

  2. Alison Corbalis

    I LOVE my archetype cards! I put them everywhere and carry them about with me. They are perfect reminders for when I need to balance or spin my chakras for example. Sometimes I have trouble visualizing a particular archetype and these cards help me to focus on exactly what I need. 🙂

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Large Archetype Cards


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