When you are ready to get Serious, here’s the EXPANSIONS’ MENTORING PACKAGE Designed

Especially for YOU:

Purchase 5 consultations    receive 1 FREE consultation of the same time frame

Member Discounts Apply.  (Must be used within 12 months of purchase.)

Determine “right now” what’s working well and what needs to be refined or redirected!

YOU Choose the topics YOU want covered:

  • Relationships; Career; Finances; Health
  • Spiritual Connections & Growth
  • Dreams; Programming/Deprogramming; Visualizations
  • Simultaneous Existences; Personalized Exercises
  • You name it because it’s YOUR time!

Enhance Your Personal Work with regular feedback!

 Mentoring With Stewart and/or Janet via Phone or Skype.

*Note: Phone or Skype ONLY available through the Mentoring Package or through our Exclusive Oversoul Mastermind Group!

(5) 60 Minute phone/skype Consultations @ $395 each PLUS 1 FREE = (6) 60 Minute Consultations

ONLY $1,975.00YOU Save $395!

Add Your Member Discount for an additional savings of: $335.75

That is a Total Savings of: $730.75

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Stewart, Janet, Stewart & Janet

2 reviews for Mentoring Package

  1. Elaine J S

    I’ve had consultations with each of them in the past. I’m glad I did. They have unique perspective and background. As well, I like that they promote balance in life in general. They are encouraging and help a person to go forward in greater confidence.

  2. Victoria

    I’ve been using the Mentoring Package since I first started working with Janet/Stewart. I love this option because it allows me to set aside some funds to invest in myself, my health and wellbeing. It’s been a key tool I use, along with actively participating in Janet’s blog and the study guides that help me to focus in on my self healing. Janet and Stewart know how to help me make sense of my world. I’ve had wonderful results with my self healing and am so grateful to both of them for their support, guidance and expertise. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Thank you – you’ve helped me to change my world and my life in so many ways.

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Mentoring Package

(2 customer reviews)


Are you are ready to get Serious about Your Personal Growth? The EXPANSIONS’ MENTORING PACKAGE Designed Especially for YOU.

Get Personal, Ongoing Support & Feedback on your Daily Work from Janet & Stewart. Phone and Skype sessions available.

With the Purchase of a Mentoring Package You are Making a Commitment to Your Personal Growth!

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  • (if you have more than one middle name include all. If you have no middle name, enter “none”)
  • Please re-check to ensure that your name is entered EXACTLY as it is written on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE: this means NO NICKNAMES OR MARRIED NAMES.
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