The name you chose before birth reveals incredible insights about you. Your name is a spiritual code, similar to the DNA in your body, which is a code of your genetics.

How do you feel about your name?

Do you realize that you actually chose your own name before you were born?

Do you know that each letter of the alphabet is actually an archetype with a specific meaning?

In combination these letters reveal information from your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds about your personal reason for being in this reality and why you chose the family genetics that you did.

Your personal code is hidden in the letters, colors and frequencies of your birth name. Once you understand your personal code, you can move towards your goals much more swiftly than ever before. Knowing Who and What You Truly Are is the key to creating success and happiness – across all parts of your life.

You will treasure your Name Analysis forever.

Please submit:
1. Complete Original Birth Name (Please verify if you DO NOT have a middle name)
2. Your Complete Birth Date.

After your Name Analysis is created, we will email you the final report.

This report is for three names only – FIRST MIDDLE LAST Names. If you have more than one first, middle and last name, you may add additional names (extra middle name, assumed name, married/divorced name, nickname) at an additional charge.

Name Energy Scan: $476

Additional names for the same person can be analysed for an additional fee.
Examples of additional names: More than one first name, more than one middle name, more than one last name, married names, nicknames.

2 reviews for Name Energy Scan

  1. Elaine J S

    I got this scan last year. I’m glad I got it. There is a lot of food for thought. Some of it was confirmation for me and some of it gives me new questions.

    If you are trying decide which scan to get first – I’d say get the “name energy scan” -it an excellent starting place.

  2. Narelle

    Knowing what my name reveals about me is priceless. It helps me understand why I am the way I am and gives me direction of how to achieve the best of my Self 🙂

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Name Energy Scan

(2 customer reviews)


  • If you have more then 3 names you would like analyzed, please select how many here and fill in the additional names below. (Base price $440 + additional names )
  • Provide Your Complete BIRTH NAME as it is written on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE
  • . If you have no middle name, enter "none"
  • Please re-check to ensure that your name is entered EXACTLY as it is written on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE: this means NO NICKNAMES OR MARRIED NAMES.
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