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Affirming You! – Self-Healing Group PPV: Session 3


Session 3 – Four Classes


Session 3 - Four Classes

Join Janet and other people of like-minds for weekly support and growth!

This On-Going Series is an easy way to integrate Hyperspace/Oversoul tools and techniques into your daily life.

Every week Janet gives you reading assignments and homework which she then reviews in the following session.
  • Because every person is a reflection of every other person
     - Your homework is an important part of what the group learns.

Janet also welcomes dreams which she and Stewart help you interpret.

The main focus of her work is always to teach you how to Teach Your Self and be Your Own Best Teacher.

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Add “1,099 Daily Affirmations For Self-Change”

Add “1,099 Daily Affirmations For Self-Change”, No


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