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Off-World simultaneous existences scan


“Which Lifelines in Other Star Systems Influence You Right NOW!” See more details below


Off-World Simultaneous Existences Scan

“Which Lifelines in Other Star Systems Influence You Right NOW!”

What alien races make up part of your existence?

What part of the human-alien experiment is within your ancestry?

The answers to these questions have a direct relationship to your genetic inheritance.

Find out which concurrent lifelines on other planets and star systems most influence you NOW with the Off-World Simultaneous Existences Scan.

Your Off-World Simultaneous Existences Scan includes 5 lifelines listed according to INFLUENCE on you now – not when they occurred – as there is no chronological time in the Eternal Now.

You will be riveted and amazed on how deeply you are affected by these 5 other lifelines on other planets and star systems.

This is a report that will be emailed to you and you will not be able to ask specific questions when you place your order.

You may want to consider a follow up Consultation for any resulting questions you may have.

Please submit:
1. Complete Original Birth Name (Please verify if you DO NOT have a middle name)
2. Your Complete Birth Date.
3. Your Birth Mother’s Maiden Name (Please verify if she DOES NOT have a middle name)

After your Off-World Simultaneous Existences Scan is created, we will email you the final report.

Off-World Simultaneous Existences Scan: $476

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Existences Scans

On-World and Off-World Simultaneous Existences Scans – $862, Off-World Simultaneous Existences Scan $476

4 reviews for Off-World simultaneous existences scan

  1. Susan Suehr

    Originally, this scan didn’t grab my attention. Since I am working to be more proactive with my inner work, I thought I would give this a try. What a gem this has turned out to be and so worth having it done. Money well spent. Originally I considered why would I need to know simultaneous existences. When I received the results, my original reaction was, I don’t like any of those people, let alone existences. There is an emotional theme that came through for me as I went to those places to see what my oversoul was expanding to. When I looked at the common theme, I realized how the people that irritate me in my current lifetime now, opened me with a depth of understanding. In spite of doing much release work for years, this irritation has been completely ignored by me. I did not want to see that aspect of me and have never done release work there. Holy Moly, when I saw how every simultaneous existence was screaming that aspect of me, what a relief. This has definitely allowed me to be proactive in making growth choices rather than waiting for my reality to show it to me via hardship. Suddenly physical pains made complete sense as I faced my worst fear, which was the dark unbalanced part of me I wanted to deny rather than accept and balance. That aspect ran through all of these existences and is in my current one. Now the healing with this and all those existences can become a beautiful depth of merging of aspects of self. I am more committed now to aligning my will with G-d’s will with the guidance of my oversoul. Thank you Expansions and what a day to feel that, USA Thanksgiving 2021. The future is ours to create!

  2. Narelle

    This report has helped me understand why I don’t have children in this life. Not only that, I can now let go of judging myself and the grief that kept plaguing me. This has enabled me to feel a level of peace I didn’t think was possible. Thank you Stewart!

  3. Aman Nakagawa

    The information in this report helped me to begin addressing greenstar programming and urges related to off-world existences. I found that my experiences there were influencing my life here and began doing daily release work over the past four years. Use of the language “simultaneous” helped me overcome the concept of linear time associated with “reincarnation”. The information in this report also inspired me to mentally visit those places which gave me strength and expanded awareness of my place in context of the universe. When I need perspective from challenges that seek to keep my attention microscopic, I keep the memory of that expansion handy to remind myself of the magnitude of my being in relation to everyone and everything else. If you decide that this report matches a desire to delve beyond the surface of other realities and use it as a tool to surpass victimization acquired from those times, then you will find yourself referring to it over and over again. In my experience, it is an indispensable report.

  4. Michelle

    I have had these reports done by Stewart and Janet and they have changed my life. I have done Akashic record readings for others, yet sometimes find it difficult to read my own records, and need a jump start. These reports give me an opportunity to see myself, dig deeper and move forward. I highly recommend them.


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