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Olive Gold 03 Lotion


Olive Gold 03™ is a perfect proprietary blend of SUPER OXYGEN, in an all-natural organic olive oil base, with super-­‐charged vitamins (A, B’s, C, D, & E), 72 minerals, alpha-­‐lipoic acid, and exotic botanical essence. Full description below.

Olive Gold 03 ™ Skin Care Lotion

Olive Gold 03™ is a perfect proprietary blend of SUPER OXYGEN, in an all-natural organic olive oil base, with super-­‐charged vitamins (A, B’s, C, D, & E), 72 minerals, alpha-­‐lipoic acid, and exotic botanical essence. Olive Gold 03 inherently is hypoallergenic. Nothing harmful to humans or animals can live in it. Contains no: corn, sugar, soy, starch, wheat, yeast, preservatives, synthetics, or GMO derived sources known.

4 oz / 120ml - $62

2 oz / 60ml - $35

Benefits for Health:

  • Neutralizes toxins, harmful pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungus and chemicals
  • Enriches brain function for alertness and mental clarity
  • Delivers more energy to muscles, optimizes performance with less ache and pain
  • Enhances metabolism for better digestion and detoxification
  • Increased assimilation of nutrition
  • Remove gallstones according to the liver and gallbladder cleanse by Andreas Moritz

Benefits for Skin:

  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Adds texture to the skin
  • Assists in the production of collagen
  • Protects, nourishes and moisturizes
  • May help resolve a variety of skin related issues such as acne and psoriasis
  • Provides a reserve of oxygen to the body presenting a greater life force as it enriches the appearance and health and helps reverse aging
  • Never clogs pores. It is not oily, greasy, or sticky


Can I Be Allergic To Oxygen/Ozone?
It is impossible to be allergic to oxygen/ozone. Ozone is an energized form of oxygen. Ozone is naturally formed by the sun and lightning in storms. Without the ozone layer high in the atmosphere, life could not exist on our planet. Ozone actually filters out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and, in addition, makes for that beautiful blue color in the sky.
Is There Any Science To Support Oxygen/Ozone Therapy?
The scientific literature is vast in support of the effectiveness and safety of oxygen/ozone therapy. Recently, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) reviewed and accepted Oxygen/Ozone in Dentistry as scientifically valid.
How Does Oxygen/Ozone Therapy Work?
Oxygen/Ozone, when introduced into the living system, creates what is called a “transient oxidative burst.” Pathogenic “biofilms” and microorganisms have no natural defense against this reaction and, as a result, are overstressed and die. Surrounding healthy tissue is unaffected and there are no toxic side effects. This “oxidative burst” also induces a multitude of natural biochemical and physiologic reactions, including better blood flow, enhanced immune response, and a more rapid healing response.
Janet & Stewart Say: This is part of our every day skin routine and maintenance. Plus, we have seen it remove warts, stubborn pimples, acne, and “aging” spots.

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Additional information

Olive Gold 03

Olive Gold 03 – 4 oz for $62, Olive Gold 03 – 2 oz for $35, Both 4 oz & 2 oz Olive Gold 03 for $93.50

3 reviews for Olive Gold 03 Lotion

  1. Susan Suehr

    I have been using Olive Gold for a year now and agree with the other reviewers that it is light and can be used for so much. I just recently learned that the person who developed this used codes in the Torah to help him with the formula. I realized that it has many trace minerals in it as well. My husband uses it on his leg muscles after tennis and it has stopped his leg cramps. The other day my 11 month old Granddaughter came down with a cold. She was sneezing, coughing and had a runny nose with a fever. She was refusing solid foods, yet allowed my daughter to nurse her, even in the process of weaning. The next day she came to our house a very sick little lady. I asked my Oversoul if I could use it on her (my daughter’s child so same Oversoul) and was told it would benefit her greatly. So, I rubbed some olive gold her chest and sinuses. She does not allow people to touch her face ,yet she allowed me to dab some olive gold on her nose as I explained it would help take away the soreness(very chapped nose). My daughter arrived as I was dabbing it on her nose as I did throughout the day, and was surprised how she allowed me to do this. I started the olive gold treatment at 8:30 AM and by 4PM, she was herself again. Fever gone, cough gone, runny nose gone, chapped nose gone, eating solids and playing like a happy 11 month old should. I am sure that applying it to her nose during the day really helped accelerate her own healing.

  2. sharon

    Olive Gold 03 Lotion is money well spent. Its versatile uses are amazing. As well as a skin lotion, I use it as a hair oil conditioner, as it adds shine and lustre to my hair. It also strengthens my gums and quickly heals any skin blemishes.

  3. Narelle

    I’ve been using this product for about 2yrs now and with my essential oil knowledge I add a few drops to meet my own needs. I apply one pump to my face and neck morning and night, rub the excess over my hands, it’s so light and moisturising! A little goes a long way, love it!

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