Personal Affirmations

“Use these Personal Affirmations all day, every day to increase your awareness, overcome difficulties and prosper”

Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow taps into your energy at the Oversoul Level to find the perfect Personal Affirmations for you. Not Only will you feel better, you will eliminate obstacles that are holding you back – and you will soar!

You know that God-Mind is limitless, and you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, so it is time for you to actualize your potential! Prove that you are greater than what external (and internal) programming would have you believe.

Just as God-Mind is limitless, so are you. Now is the time to stop relying on external sources and find your own true internal source of power.

PLUS – what you THINK is your issue may only be hiding more deeply buried issues that affect the outcome of your current life and work.  People say that receiving these Personal Affirmations is just like getting a mini-Personal Consultation with Janet!

1 issue – 5 affirmations:  $116

Additional issues – 5 affirmations each:  $80

Please submit:

1. Complete Original Birth Name (Please verify if you DO NOT have a middle name)

2. Your Complete Birth Date.

3. The Issues you want addressed.




  1. Victoria

    For me, these are a must have. What amazes me about these Affirmations is that they touch on so many facets of me. Janet has a way of finding layers within me that I may not know are there until I dig deeper and resolve a layer on what I call ‘my onion’ or outer shell. So, just when I’ve completed a few on the report that resonate with me and am ready for more and want to go deeper, there they are within the same report! Thank you Janet.

  2. Alison Corbalis

    I have been working successfully with my affirmations I received from Janet. Layer by layer they address so many different facets within an issue. Each affirmation opens so many doors. It is amazing how the words change meaning when I use them and gain more powerful meaning every time I say or write them. You will understand more clearly when you utilize them and understand what I mean 😉 ! I highly recommend these affirmations! They dig deep and the changes are everlasting!

    • Janet Swerdlow

      Thank you for the confirmation of the value of these Personal Affirmations. I am directed via Oversoul level in the deepest layers of energy that can be successfully moved to help move the layers of energy on top of the layers of energy! It is a challenging job, but someone has to do it. And, if you can handle the shake-up that comes with positive growth, you WiLL be successful! 🙂

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Personal Affirmations : I love myself… I am now…. I always attract….


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  • Provide Your Complete BIRTH NAME as it is written on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE
  • If you have more than one middle name, include all. If you have no middle name, enter "none"
  • Please re-check to ensure that your name is entered EXACTLY as it is written on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE: this means NO NICKNAMES OR MARRIED NAMES.
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