What “T-Bar” Archetype do you see? Do you want to know for sure?
What “Personal Numbers and Color Codes” best match your Personal Frequency?
Which ones enhance and positively influence your health, wealth, and etional/mental/spiritual well-being?
Which one of your “Chakra Bands” needs the most attention and Why?
Would you like one “Personal Affirmation” that will help you begin RIGHT NOW?
This is a simple report that gives your “T-Bar” archetype(s)—find out if you have more than one—because some people do, your unique “Personal Color and Number Codes”, your ‘Chakra Band” that needs the most attention and Why, and one “Personal Affirmation” to get up going.

A great introduction to get you started in “Hyperspace/Oversoul” Techniques.

Personal Particulars Report: $197


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Personal Particulars


A great introduction to get you started in “Hyperspace/Oversoul” Techniques.

  • Provide Your Complete BIRTH NAME as it is written on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE
  • If you have more than one middle name, include all. If you have no middle name, enter "none"
  • Please re-check to ensure that your name is entered EXACTLY as it is written on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE: this means NO NICKNAMES OR MARRIED NAMES.
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