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Personality Profile Scan


Personality Profile, a Personalized Package sent to you via Email that you will read and re-read. This profile of you and your life gives you a well-rounded picture of who you are right now in this moment and time.

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Do you want the most complete, comprehensive profile of YOU available anywhere? Then invest in your Personality Profile, a Personalized Package sent to you via Email that you will read and re-read. This profile of you and your life gives you a well-rounded picture of who you are right now in this moment and time.

You will receive the following scans and reports:

1. Your Name Energy Scan
2. Your Home Energy Scan
3. Your Complete Body Scan
4. Your On-World Simultaneous Existences Scan
5. Your Personal Hyperspace Signature
6. Your Revised Hyperspace Signature 

PLUS the following reports not available anywhere else*
Your Personal Colors & Number Codes 
Your Future Choices and Suggestions
Your Underlying Relationship Issues
* exception is with the Spend A Day with Stewart, Personal Retreat”.

 That is a Total of 9 Reports!

Personality Profile Scan: $2321.
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1 review for Personality Profile Scan

  1. Ben McIlroy

    Stewart – I just wanted to write to you and say thank you so much for the great job you did on my personality profile reports. Wow! They are amazing. It didn’t take me long until I was in tears reading it.

    The name energy scan was spot on. I just felt that there were no gaps or holes in the energy… you captured ‘everything’ of me in that analysis and you were able to put a description on some of those harder to clarify nuances that I have always felt were there but have been tricky to identify and you brought it together into a cohesive meaningful whole picture . I can see and feel why I am here and what I am attempting to accomplish in this lifetime, I realise that I’ve been more on the right path then I realise in some respects, and I can see what is going to fit me best energetically, as far as work, residence and creative pursuits etc. Also, I can see the challenges that I have and some of things that can trip me up if I am not aware or careful

    What also blew me away was the fact that of the 5 on-world simultaneous existences you identified., I was aware of 4 of them to varying degrees. I have always taken for granted just some of the random occasional thoughts I’ve had about them since I’ve been a small boy… incredible. I know these energies provide a backdrop to my current life and circumstances as to what I am attempting to resolve.

    The body scan was thorough and there is simply no way that I would be able to get that level of information from anywhere else!! I really have not experienced such a complete analysis of what is going on right now with my mind-patterns and how they are affecting my body and what I can do to begin to correct this.

    Then there was the geo-scan, future choices and suggestions, personal colour and number codes, and the hyperspace signature current and goal. All of these are excellent tools for me to use and connect with the deepest levels of Oversoul and God-Mind

    For any of you considering the personality profile if you go ahead and get this report you will be so thankful and filled with insight and absolute knowing about who you are and your reason for being here in this lifetime!!! The tools that I have been given are already supporting and propelling me further and deeper into my own growth and healing which is a huge positive. I am very grateful for you Stewart. Thanks so much

    • Stewart Swerdlow

      Thank you, Ben. I am happy to be able to do this work to help others. I am grateful for the confirmation!

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