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Programming Scan


What programming is active in You?



Do you want to know if you specifically or generally programmed?

Do you experience buzzing, humming, high-pitched noises, or voices in your head?

Have you had out-of-body experiences, strange body markings, missing time, or abduction dreams/experiences?

Do you have an aversion to, or an affinity for such things as flashing lights and rotating fans?

Do you have repetitive dreams of escalators, ladders, slides, or elevators?

Do you have feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression, or suicide; irrational fears, paranoia, anxiety, inability to focus or set goals?

These are just some of the symptoms that people who are programmed may experience. Find out once and for all exactly what is happening to you and how to stop it.

The Programming Scan tells you specific programs that are active or dormant within you so that you can take control over them, before they take control over you. Learn which programs most affect you and what deprogramming techniques work best for you so that you are not at the mercy of outer or inner triggers.


After your Programming Scan is created, we will email you the final report.

Programming Scan: $476

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Programming Scan

2 reviews for Programming Scan

  1. Elaine J S

    I had this scan done a couple of years ago. I’m grateful for this unique information from Stewart. He was in the Montauk Project and knows about programming.

    At first it felt shocking to me to read my report. In the end, having this programming scan was very helpful. I’m able to be proactive and do hyperspace exercises and notice my thoughts etc. The “working on yourself”, is also a healing experience. It is empowering to have this information and take charge of yourself.

  2. Diana Falby

    I would like to share my review on programming scan.
    I feel my experience can be helpful to everyone who is serious about Becoming True Self.
    I have been doing deprogramming work for over 2 years using all the materials available in the membership area as well as books written by Stewart and Janet.
    The results were extraordinary and at times hard to take in as my mind often refused to accept the fact that it had been severely deceived and programmed.
    There were ups and downs, reactivations of sub programmes etc. And just at the stage when I was ready to give up on myself and surrender, I saw the programming scan offer in the newsletter, so I didn’t think twice, and ordered it. I desperately needed that reassurance whether I am on the right track or not.
    To my surprise and great relief most of the programmes detected by Stewart through the scan I managed to uncover with deprogramming techniques. But not all of them, so it was very useful to know that there are things that could be activated as programmes especially I was already contemplating about some of them, assuming these were my own thoughts. However, what was the most shocking to me is that even though the information available in the books pretty straightforward and easy to understand, my mind refused to see certain very important facts in them. and only when I got the scan from Stewart then I look up at the book again, and my hair literally went up. I could not believe that some simple yet powerful signs of programmings that are described in the books my mind refused to even notice…
    I am so pleased I did the scan and affirmations as I am now 1000% certain that I am not going to surrender and sway from my path, and will keep a very close eye on all those signs and triggers that can reactivate the programmes.
    I recommend anyone who is serious about his/her path to have the guidance from Stewart or Janet with regards to programming. As to my opinion and feeling, it is not just working as a great informative report but also works on a very deep level and does help to remove those pink glasses.
    with unconditional love to Stewart and Janet for all the work they do.


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