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Prophecy Webinar Pay Per View


“Prophecy” Webinar

Part I December 16, 2014

Part II December 18, 2014

7pm to 8pm Eastern Time

In this jam-packed Webinar you will get information that will push your thinking processes deeper.
  • Definition of prophecy
  • Types of prophecies over the years
  • Accuracy of predictions
  • Failed prophecies: Y2K, 2012, comet strikes, quakes
  • Book of Revelation and other Biblical prophecies
  • Nostradamus and Illuminati prophecies
  • Bible Code
  • Harbingers and Shemitah/ Blood Moons and Black Suns
  • What should we expect in 2015 and beyond
  • What are YOU feeling will happen?
Part II will cover;
  • 2015 at Pineal gland
  • Blue spiral staircase
  • Merging with future self


  1. cheftony

    Great information, as always. I really enjoyed this webinar.
    This should give us a big advantage for the times ahead.

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