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Relationships Bundle


Book Bundle: “Relationships”

Heights of Relationships $35
True Reality Of Sexuality  $26

Order both Now for only $57.50

(member discount apply)

Book Bundle: “Relationships”

Heights of Relationships  $35
True Reality Of Sexuality $26

Order both Now for only $40.40

(member discount apply)

Heights of Relationships

Welcome to a World of Soul-Growth

The first relationship you must always have is with your Self.
This is the missing piece from every relationship
Because Everything you need to know about relationships is already within.
Every  person is a reflection of some part of You. This is why it is so important to look at Self first, understand your imprinting and observe how you continue to repeat these cycles. Then, you can make conscious choices.
As a Microcosm of the Macrocosm, You Are the Potential for All Things.
Know Thy Self
What will you do with what you find within?
Are you willing to study the needs of your Soul?
Why did your mind-pattern pull specific relationships to you?
Can you accept  intense lessons that provide exponential Soul Growth?
Does your Spiritual Mind take precedence over your Animal Mind?
Are you ready for a Soul-satisfying relationship with your Self?
Are you Relationship-Ready?
Embrace the Magnificence of  Your Soul in its Totality.
Welcome to You!



First they challenged your spiritual beliefs, then your political beliefs, and now…your sexual belief system is about to go! InTrue Reality of Sexuality, Stewart and Janet clearly and concisely answer questions that only a few even dare to ask. Delve into your deepest zones of discomfort to discover once and for all how the least-talked about area of your life holds the most important keys to your very existence in this physical reality.
  • How your deepest sexual fantasies describe your personal relationship to the God-Mind
  • What masturbation has to do with the God-Mind
  • The Global Plan to control humanity through sexuality
  • Is there a third sex evolving?
  • How to use Hyperspace Techniques to conceive the best child for you
  • Is heterosexuality is really natural to humankind?
Intriguing questions with intriguing answers. Guaranteed to make you think! Once again, Stewart and Janet live up to their reputation of bringing you cutting-edge information in a way not previously discussed anywhere else on Earth!

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Book Bundle: True Reality of Sexuality & Heights of Relationships $57.50, True Reality of Sexuality $26, Heights of Relationships $35


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