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A radionics machine sends a specific frequency to a specific person, place or thing to correct an issue. 
Remote Radionics sessions are an added boost to the correction of your mind-pattern to help you accomplish your goals. These sessions can be used for everything from health, relationships, finances, career, relocation, deprogramming, spiritual connections, communication…you name it, Remote Radionics sessions can help!
Send us your issue/s, Birth Name, Birth Date & a recent photo and we will set you up with a Remote Radionics session to correct & balance your personal frequencies. (Scan pictures to [email protected])
The intensity of your situation determines the length of time needed. You are a unique individual and this means that results will vary depending upon your mind-patterns.
Remote Radionics session for one issue:
1 issue for 1 day  $        44.00
1 issue for 3 days  $     125.00
1 issue for 7 days  $     215.00
1 issue for 30 days  $     890.00


Customized Packages Available.  Please Contact Patricia
269-519-8036 (USA)
[email protected]
Skype: eventsatexpansion
*International Callers, please make an appointment to call or skype


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1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days, 30 Days

3 reviews for Remote Radionics

  1. Maria

    I booked a week-long session focusing on 3 issues. That was my first experience with radionics ever. In case you are experiencing stagnation with your deprogramming or release work, remote radionics will help to get things moving in the desired direction. Consider it a supplement to your deprogramming efforts, not a substitute for it.

  2. Ellionna

    Oh My Goodness
    I’m not sure if my next session of 4 issues have started. BUT, I can say I haven’t felt this healthy and so well in years!
    Since we started the heart month long treatment I have lost 10 pounds without trying AND all my glucose numbers and BP has been perfect other aspects are also good.
    Though I don’t know how exactly to gauge the others.

    My finances are continually improving, my relationships are in very good order, and the list goes on


    I will be working my way through organs and systems to give them a boost as well as doing all the usual release work ETC.

    What I call THE LIST.



  3. Victoria

    Fantastic! I’ve done several session on different issues. It has opened areas on each that I would never have guessed possible. All of these have helped me to gain insight into each specific area in my life to better understand it which in turn has enabled me to find the answers I need.

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