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Heights of Spirituality

Self, Oversoul, God-Mind.
You are never alone.
You are always protected.
You always have Guidance.
You are connected to Source at all times.
True Spiritual Self-Exploration occurs every moment of your existence.  You are always connected, you  always receive messages; now you can learn to interpret what is within and without to develop a meaningful and conscious dialogue with Source at all times.
Based on her Ancient Apostolic Ancestral genetics, Janet gives you the methodologies to understand and label what you are already doing.
You are a Mountain of Knowledge
“Heights of Spirituality” gives you the Wisdom to use what you already know in the most correct and beneficial way, no matter where you are, what you do or who you are with.
You and Source.
Your Life is a Prayer.
You Are Your Own Best Teacher.
Consciously Discover What You already Know.


Intense. Mind-expanding. Shocking.
“Revelations of Time & Space, History and God” is the third volume in Stewart’s “King Bee, Queen Bee” and “Template of God-Mind” series.
This book comes to you through time and space and history, under the direction of God-Mind and Absolute. This work has been inside of Stewart  since birth, waiting for the time in this century when all can finally be revealed. Stewart says that it is a great relief and an unloading of a huge task and burden to finally present these three volumes to you. 
Stewart comes from a long line of independent thinkers which includes the first President of the Soviet Union, the originator of the KGB and a Soviet spy. Family members also studied hidden Kabballah and Zohar, so it is no wonder that Stewart carries on his family legacy with his astounding ability to connect the dots for you like no other person on this planet.
These volumes are supported by “Heights of Spirituality” , an incredible uplifting work by his wife Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow whose family name is directly connected to Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem and directly descended from Mary Magdalene, the Duke of Savoy, Black Saracens from Morocco, Cherokee Royalty and the famous Bouvier family.
 Blessings to you who read and understand.
Blessings to you who do not.
We are All ONE.

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Revelations & Height of Spirituality


It is Highly Recommended to get the Companion Book as well

The 2 books provide a great set of information & tools.

Get the Bundle for only $44

Revelations regular pricing $26
Height of Spirituality regular pricing $35

Shipping from the 1 March 2020
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