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“Say No to Mind-Control” Bundle



13-Cubed Squared $35
Heights of Deprogramming $35


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13-Cubed Squared $35

Heights of Deprogramming $35

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13-CUBED ($35)

True Reality Of Sexuality ($26)

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We are in a Major Spiritual Battle for the Minds and Souls of Humanity!
The time has come when all programming must be eliminated from this planet. Part of the deprogramming process is to expose what lies buried and triggered
within. The first step in a long journey is to admit that you are on it.
As a sequel to Stewart’s explosive “13-Cubed “ book, “13-Cubed Squared” contains Case Studies of 13 brave, fearless men and women who have stepped forward to anonymously share their painful and often hidden experiences to you help your Self. Stewart has also shared a summary of his own Montauk Programming.
Not only do these Case Studies evoke many harsh emotions, they also allow for hope and conclusions to negative experiences. You most likely will recognize your Self and others you know, remembering that we all mirror each other.
We are all One from the Same Source.
This extraordinary volume of work is especially crucial given that artificially installed End Times Programming is concurrently operating with a Spiritual End Times Programming. Use this information to help deepen your understanding of how all of this pertains to each Being in Creation.
Here’s to a World and Universe that is Truly Free
Filled with Unconditional Love!


This book is a must read to understand the intricacies and complexities of deprogramming. Deprogramming is not an overnight process, as much as you might want it to be. Deprogramming takes time, dedication and a willingness to go into the deepest layers of your Soul.
The more you exercise your mental, emotional and Spiritual minds, the stronger the Soul becomes. Stress can be your friend rather than the enemy that you are programmed to believe.
Greet your challenges with your head held high. Anchored in the strength of your Oversoul and God-Mind, challenges make you experientially strong, wise and knowledgeable. Align your own internal power with the Power of Source from which everything in existence flows.
Never underestimate what you can do when you are aligning with your own Source.
Always remember that no thing or person can do your work for you.
Deprogramming is work. Work is an honorable word from which you reap honorable and satisfying Soul rewards.
Be willing to dig into your own discomfort to continue to understand the deepest layers of your Soul.
By doing the work, you see for your Self that every day, in every way,

I AM better than I was.

We recommend you also read

13-CUBED ($35) & True Reality Of Sexuality ($26)

Order both for only $44

Members you only pay $36.52



Stewart A. Swerdlow Explores the Unknown Zone Where Few Dare to Tread

Do you or someone you know struggle with strange inexplicable experiences?

Do you ever feel as if something is just Not Right…But can’t put your finger on it?

Globally known for his ability to guide others out of the same darkness that tried to envelope his own life, Stewart A. Swerdlow has written a riveting book that will definitely cause you to question your own reality.

In this astounding book, 13 clients present their personal experiences – some bizarre, some seemingly normal, but all with the same common denominator of mind-control and programming. Read Stewart’s fascinating analyses – perhaps you will recognize yourself or someone you know and love.

Do you experience:

  • buzzing, humming, high-pitched noises, or voices in your head?
  • an aversion to, or an affinity for, flashing lights and rotating fans?
  • obsessive compulsive behavior, anorexia, bulimia, or abuse issues?
  • strange body markings, out-of-body or abduction dreams/experiences?
  • repetitive dreams of escalators, ladders, slides, or elevators?
  • night time vomiting, night sweats, nightmares, or night terrors?
  • sexual dysfunction, promiscuity, or disassociate personality disorder?
  • bone-chilling cold from which you cannot get warm?
  • pressure at the forehead or around the top of the head?
  • feelings of loneliness, isolation, depression, or suicide?
  • irrational fears, paranoia, anxiety attacks, inability to focus, concentrate, or set goals?
  • sudden behavior changes, aggressiveness, violent outbursts, or inability to function?
  • knowing that something is just not right but you cannot put your finger on it?



First they challenged your spiritual beliefs, then your political beliefs, and now…your sexual belief system is about to go! InTrue Reality of Sexuality, Stewart and Janet clearly and concisely answer questions that only a few even dare to ask. Delve into your deepest zones of discomfort to discover once and for all how the least-talked about area of your life holds the most important keys to your very existence in this physical reality.

  • How your deepest sexual fantasies describe your personal relationship to the God-Mind
  • What masturbation has to do with the God-Mind
  • The Global Plan to control humanity through sexuality
  • Is there a third sex evolving?
  • How to use Hyperspace Techniques to conceive the best child for you
  • Is heterosexuality is really natural to humankind?

Intriguing questions with intriguing answers. Guaranteed to make you think! Once again, Stewart and Janet live up to their reputation of bringing you cutting-edge information in a way not previously discussed anywhere else on Earth!


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Combo: 13-Cubed Squared & Heights of Deprogramming $64, Combo: 13-Cubed only & True Reality of Sexuality $44, Combo: 13-Cubed Squared, Heights of Deprogramming, 13-Cubed & True Reality of Sexuality $120, 13-Cubed Squared only $35, Heights of Deprogramming only $35, 13-Cubed only $35, True Reality of Sexuality only $26

1 review for “Say No to Mind-Control” Bundle

  1. Jenny Weeks

    I received my copy of 13- Cubed Squared three days ago and my life hasn’t been the same since. We are all programmed to some degree and it’s important to identify what lies within each of us, begin the deprogramming process and begin to really live our lives as our “true” selves, not programmed automatons. As Stewart states, all programming MUST be eliminated from this planet. Have you ever wondered why you do things in a certain way or respond to events and triggers the way you do? These honest accounts from 13 individuals are deep and raw. Stewart treats each individual with kindness and respect while identifying several “programs” that have affected their lives. He offers instruction on how to deprogram and how to protect oneself while doing so. This is a “must have” for anyone who truly understands these “end times,” the programs involved and how we’ve been controlled by 13 elite families. There isn’t anyone on this planet who is “untouched” in some way. If you’ve taken the “red” pill, you need to read this book and begin the work. If you’re ready to find out the truth, open your eyes, order he book and prepare to see the world in a whole new light.

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