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“Self-Healing Group” Webinar – Session 16 PPV


Includes all (3) Session 16 webinars;

1 – Proactive/Reactive, Psychic Energy, Sub-personalities
2 – Deeper Identification of Personal Energetic Layers
3 – Energy Field Colors; Observing via Oversoul level; Layering Energy


“Self-Healing Group” Webinars

Includes all (3) Session 15 webinars;

1 – Sub-personalities: Whose in Control: You or Them?
2 – From Linear Learning to Multidimensional Learning
3 - Sub-personalities are Frequency

Description: To Self-heal, you need a strong foundation.

In this on-going group, Janet challenges you to examine your own belief system; to find out what is working and what is not; to find your strengths and use them; to find your weaknesses and strengthen them; to create a foundation that supports you wherever you go. Regardless of outer circumstance, when your inner world is in order, the rest of your life flows in the way that is most correct and beneficial for you.

decoding-your-life-150x150Janet developed this course almost 40 years ago at the request of her earliest students who experienced amazing and life-changing results as a result of her guidance. She gives you simple, practical and easy to implement tools and techniques with measurable results. You can join at any time as long as space is available, or watch each session on PPV. Participants receive a FREE 30-Day link to each session once it is posted online. Be sure you bring your “Decoding Your Life” book to each class.

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  1. Narelle

    These webinars are awesome! I had no idea how much I’d grown until Janet highlighted it! Sometimes we’re so caught up in the drama we can’t see the light. Thank you Janet!

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