“Incredibly helpful!” is what people say who use these Study Guides as they view the videos posted on the membership side.

Immediately download your Study Guide so you can follow along with videos posted on the Exclusive Member’s Video Channel.  Most people watch these videos many times, finding that as you grow, what you get from them deepens. Make notes of your visualization results so that each time you view them you can see where you were and where you are now.  Excellent aids if you want to really learn Hyperspace/Oversoul Tools & Techniques.

$26 Each:

The Human Animal Mind Explained Webinar

Greenstar Programming Webinar

Deprogramming Techniques for Counselors

History of Mind-Control & Programming

Basics of Hypercise

Fasting & Detoxification Webinar

Cult & Abusive Relationship Recovery Webinar


$44 Each:

Montauk & Interdimensional Realities

Advanced Hyperspace, Oversoul, & Deprogramming Techniques

Basic & Intermediate Color Codes

DNA, Galactic History & You

Dream Analysis & Intermediate Color Codes

Hyperspace & Oversoul Basics

Mind-Control & Programming Part 1

Mind-Control & Programming Part 2

Non-Human Communication

Non-Human Energy Chakra Systems


Simultaneous Existences

Sexuality, Ritual, Relationships & Programming


Triad Healing

True World History Series Part 1

True World History Series Part 2


*Not all Videos listed here are currently posted; we are uploading as expediently as possible. Check the Member Video Channel for most up-to-date Videos available.


  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent!!! I’ve been focused on getting my body back in shape and the combination of exercises with my mind to enhance the body is fantastic. I never would have thought of such a thing. Thank you

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Study Guides-
    I’m going to say it again – Awesome stuff. These are SO helpful to me and are making me more independent in my studies and piecing things together in my life. I daresay I’d recommend them along with the Hyperspace Helper and Decoding your Life as beginner ‘must have’ in your Hyperspace Toolbag I haven’t been able to attend a conference yet (frustrating) but this helps loads!

    New apiphony today:
    “the body always tells you” was something I’m reading in the Triad Healing one and there it was about my spinal herniation, also the self programming I fall into with verbal/mental habit reponses:

    Left Side herniation ; left side Sacroiliac dysfunction = not feeling supported by female(s) in your life

    -Step-mother and Adoptive mother = yup I’d agree.

    Janet, thanks for being a ‘female’ figure helping me in a positive way this life AND to all you guys in here. Being apart of this blog and community is invaluable. Hoping I contribute in the same positive way

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Derek Oxenreider

    You can also buy them through Amazon Kindle for $9.99 apiece, ans save some money!

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Study Guides for Members Video Channel Series


Immediately download your Study Guides so you can follow along with the videos posted on the Exclusive Member’s Video Channel, (Get unlimited viewing access with an Expansions’ Site Membership).

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