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Unlocking New Perspectives Bundle (3 Book Series)


Unlocking New Perspectives 3 Book Bundle

Regular price for all $105.00

Purchase book bundle together for $98.00

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This Bundle Includes

Unlocking New Perspectives Keys to Success

& Janet’s latest Book Light Shines in Darkness

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Regular price $105.00

Purchase all 3 books together for $98.00

Member discount applies


Janet's Latest Book

Light Shines in Darkness

Light Shines in Darkness shows you how to expand upon what you are already

doing, seeing, knowing and Being to reach  new levels of Spiritual Empowerment.

  • Learn to resurrect inherent Soul instructions

  • Develop gratitude for  all powerful teachers, both positive and negative

  • Know with Absolute Certainty that you are exactly where you need to be

  • Understand how Dusk and Dawn reflect your own inner shadowy borders

  • Discover how your  Soul has a bit of All of Creation within

  • Find out how to expand during  times of restriction

  • Reveal your hidden power so you can use it wisely

The Brighter You Shine Your Light, the less places Evil has to hide. Be a Shining example for others who are less brave and less sure of Self.

Always, always keep your Light Shining Brightly, regardless of the Darkness. 

Even one small tiny spark provides Light in the darkest room.

Be the Light that Shines in Darkness


Keys to Success

You Are Already Successful

You are already doing, creating and reaping the rewards of your thoughts, actions and reactions. The secret is that you can be successful at creating the negative as well as the positive. With conscious awareness you can  utilize what you are already doing to change and refocus the course of your life.

Learn how to choose Optimum Soul-Growth.

Expand Your Conscious Source Connection.

Turn your blocks into stepping stones to activate and enhance your Positive Success Frequency.

Make what you are already doing work for you instead of against you.

Use your problems as challenges that make you strong instead of your problems using you.

Discover, unbury and utilize hidden mind-patterns to align your needs and wants to successfully create what is most correct and beneficial.

Even though  you unconsciously created the negative you can learn to consciously identify what you did. Then you apply what you know to resolve any conundrum that affects Body, Mind and Soul. Every problem,  or challenge as Janet says,  already has a solution.  Janet’s expertise has helped thousands turn their life around. Don’t be discouraged. You are already amazingly well-positioned for Positive Success.

You are most likely doing better than you think you are

Keys to Success Hands You the Keys to Life





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