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White Winged Lion & White Dragon Complex Archetype Template Set





Exciting NEW White Winged Lion and White Winged Dragon Archetypes!

The merging of the Reptilian Frequency and Mammalian Frequency that comprise humanity allows you to end the innate human struggle started by the Original Experiment which merged Reptilian and Mammalian genetics to create humankind. Ending the struggle allows you to more comfortably and easily achieve all your life goals.

Use our new White Winged Lion / White Winged Dragon Complex Archetype Template Setto help stop the struggle.

These Complex Archetypes are taken directly from our True History Series, Part I & Part II.(link to this product) To get the most from these Complex Archetypes, viewing this DVD Series is highly recommended.

Each Complex Archetype Set includes: One Large Template and one Small Template of the following archetypes:

  • White Winged Lion
  • White Winged Dragon
  • White Winged Lion Merged with White Winged Dragon
  • Sea Serpent

Each template is numbered and is a process that you need to complete in numerical order.  Start with the #1 template, move on to #2, and then finally finish with card #3. Use the #4 template whenever you would like to explore the depths of Self.

Included in each set are one large template for study and one small template to place under your pillow or carry with you.  There are detailed definitions, placement, and usage instructions on the back of each template.

This is sold as a set only. You cannot purchase these cards individually.

Large Templates are 8 ½ x 11. Large and Small Templates are Color, Laminated.

2 reviews for White Winged Lion & White Dragon Complex Archetype Template Set

  1. Susan Suehr

    I purchased this set in 2018. This is the best set of archetypes to use for deprogramming. Whenever I sense myself being triggered, I balance and use the WWDWWL. Peace and calm come quickly. Then I am more able to explore the depths because I cannot be triggered unless there is a program there already. Using affirmations in the Affirmations book truly helps reprogram for those needed areas. I use the #21 Name of God to explore the depths and this WWDWWL comes in handy as old programs bubble up to the surface.

  2. gypsy

    I got this set of archetypes a few months ago. They have helped me to visualize the shapes in my head and as a gentle reminder I have them around my bedroom. My grandson likes ‘looking at the pictures’ so we talk about them. I’m so happy I bought them.

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