Visit with Janet & Stewart LIVE!


Part I December 16
Part II December 18
7pm to 8pm  Eastern Time

In this jam-packed Webinar you will get information that will push your thinking processes deeper. You will participate in visualizations that open up new avenues to get your OWN information on these time-sensitive topics:

  • Definition of prophecy
  • Types of prophecies over the years
  • Accuracy of predictions
  • Failed prophecies: Y2K, 2012, comet strikes, quakes
  • Book of Revelation and other Biblical prophecies
  • Nostradamus and Illuminati prophecies
  • Bible Code
  • Harbingers and Shemitah/ Blood Moons and Black Suns
  • What should we expect in 2015 and beyond
  • What are YOU feeling will happen?

At the end of Part I, you will be given the following visualizations which you will do on your own.  You will email your results to Janet & Stewart who will give you interpretations of what you got during Part II:

  • 2015 at Pineal gland
  • Blue spiral staircase
  • Merging with future self

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