When I lived in the country, exercising wasn’t on my mind as much. I managed a property with a range of animals and dogs don’t often walk themselves. I was fit, strong, active. Being back in Melbourne, exercise has become an issue. I decided to join a Zumba class once a week and that fascinated me. I could feel it’s impact upon my brain, challenging new pathways to open and to balance. That’s what kept me returning.

It came to my attention though, that despite my diet and the supplements I take, I must work on bone density. Weight bearing is the best way to do this, as well as diet.

Getting a rhythm back through an exercise routine is doing wonders for my energy and my mind. I’m up in the wee hours to get to the gym early and have been surprised by the number of people I see on the way home, walking, jogging, cycling.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to exercise, and not all exercise is beneficial. I love jogging and I could easily dance all night, but that’s not beneficial for me, I lose too much weight. Plus, cardio exercises don’t build bone density. It’s all about balance and what suits you.

I do like to shake up my routine periodically as that helps to keep my mind flexible. Remember, the body follows the mind, but the body can also influence changes in the mind pattern.

Exercise helps to balance hormones, regardless of your age. It’s good to begin early in life and build bone density, though I don’t believe it’s ever too late to start. Exercise has a myriad of benefits.

Over doing exercising, however, can have detrimental effects on health. Some women experience amenorrhea, and this can be reversed. Already I’m feeling a potential addiction forming from intense workouts and I’m aware that I have to watch myself as I find it easy to go into Self abuse.

There was a post on FB recently about a male body builder. Over time he realised that he had the body he’d aimed for, but he wasn’t any happier. This was a great realisation as that was the moment he began to look within and start asking himself questions.

It can be challenging to get started sometimes. Someone told me once that the hardest part was changing clothes. If you can get up and put your exercise clothes on, you’re there! And I have found this to be true.

Working with weights doesn’t challenge my brain the way Zumba does. I do like to keep my mind active and try to focus on gaining the most from my workout. It’s easy to ‘zone out’ though and that’s the part I’m not fond of.

Essential oils are a wonderful support for any exercise routine. I have a roller blend of diluted Frankincense and Ice (Deep) Blue that I carry in my pocket and apply it to my spine pre and post workout. It enters the spinal column and travels throughout my body from there.

Ice Blue can be used in a cream, diluted oil or as a neat oil. Most athletes use it for pre and post workout, for preparing then soothing and repairing muscles and tendons. The aroma also soothes the mind. For isolated areas use the neat oil and then apply the diluted oil or cream over the top. The neat oil will dissipate quickly and flow throughout the body whereas the diluted form will hold the oils in the subcutaneous layers longer with a ‘time delay’ action.

Peppermint essential oil is great for exercise as it stimulates the mind and body and is refreshing and cooling. I like to pop a beadlet into my mouth prior to a work out. Peppermint is also great for sore muscles as it’s supportive and regenerative.

Marjoram is also beneficial for muscles and discomfort, along with Wintergreen and/or Birch. Blue Tansy is also soothing to muscles and supports the skin. Lemongrass is good for warming muscles and assisting with repair. Other warming oils include Clove, Oregano and Ginger.

Lavender helps ease bruising and is relaxing and calming.

Cypress is good for supporting tendons.

Helichrysum is great for repair and is also used for pain relief, as is Copaiba.

Wow! The list goes on..

Do you exercise? If not, why?

Do you feel you do enough exercise?

Do you get addicted to exercise?

If so, do you know why?

What are your thoughts about body building?

What does your mind do while you’re exercising?

Do you look after your body before or after exercise, or at all?

Does exercise help you sleep?

What type of exercise do you enjoy?

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