Following on from my post yesterday about chemicals. Have you ever considered that chemicals can be beneficial?

The allergist I was seeing when I received my diagnosis of MCS, is a world renowned chemical specialist. The last I saw him he had taken a number of vials of my blood as he was on the verge of producing a simple blood test to diagnose chemical sensitivity. The last I heard from him he was calling to excitedly tell me that my blood had proven successful in the test and would I be willing to donate more. No. Enough was enough and by this stage I had realised I could heal myself.

I had long been interested in essential oils and it had been a sad day when I realised I had to throw them out. They were aggravating my symptoms. I had spoken to my Dr about it and he had patiently explained that of course I was sensitive to them, they were chemicals. He proceeded to describe them in chemical terms and even drew pictures for me to highlight his point. I was sad.

When I moved to the country I was surprised to meet people who had also moved there ‘thanks’ to the same Doctor. Some had been seeing him for over 20 yrs!

My fascination with essential oils continued and my sadness deepened whenever I was at a friend’s place and they would excitedly bring their collections of oils out to show. I’d be out the door before anyone knew it. Those oils aggravated my sensitivity.

Yet, I couldn’t let go of my fascination with them. I began buying them from a ‘reputable’ company in the US. All the ‘good’ oils seem to come from there. My collection was building and I wasn’t using them. Not only because I couldn’t, but because I didn’t know what to do with them. So I began studying Aromatherapy. Through that course I had to source oils from all around the world and the beauty of that was I began to learn that not all oils are equal. I made the decision to go with a big brand and it took me many months and research before I made that decision.

Would you believe it was about 8mths before I used one of those oils for myself? It came about because my sponsor contacted me and asked me to look after his Australian team members. I then realised I had to take these oils seriously.

Well, these oils do not aggravate me. It was a wondrous moment the first time I went to bed with an oil and rather than fall immediately asleep, that oil spoke to me in its own language of pure frequency. What really excited me was I understand that language!

Essential oils are chemicals.

I learnt that not all chemicals are ‘bad’.

Here’s a link to a study using pure and synthetic essential oils on subjects in a double-blind clinical trial. It’s a short article.

Pub Med: double-blind clinical trial of essential oils for pain relief

What do you think of the test results regarding pure and synthetic essential oils?

Do you think synthetic and pure are equal?

Why use pure essential oils if synthetic are just as effective?

Can you think of any other examples of chemicals that are beneficial?

Have you ever persisted with something you were told was not good for you?

If so, what results did you have?





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