Do you want to Explore Metaphysical  Concepts with Others of Like-Mind in YOUR area?

This is a prime opportunity to host a gathering where together you can share ideas and EXPLORE All Things Metaphysical using Hyperspace/Oversoul Tools and Techniques as your foundation.

Send your contact info to Patricia [email protected] with your details and make something happen in your area.  No need to be “A Lone” when we are “All One”.



St. Joseph/Benton Harbor Area

I am starting a  new “Expansions Quest Group” .

This is a group for individuals on a Quest of Self-Discovery & Exploration,  For those that want to know the truth of their life and circumstances and to move forward & surpass accordingly.

The “Quest Group”  will based on the work of Janet & Stewart Swerdlow, including their books “Decoding Your Life” & “Hyperspace Helper”.

The 1st meeting is this Sunday the 23rd at 6pm. (approx 2 hrs).

Suggested donation: $10.00.

Contact: Patricia  [email protected]



Just getting settled here but eager to meet others of like-minds. I am willing to host the group if you are willing to come.

Contact: Norma:  [email protected]



I’ve only been exploring Hyperspace/Oversoul Tools & Techniques for about 1 year, but I find my life is changing, I am finally getting answers to lifelong questions, and finding out who I am for the first time in my life.  Looking for others  who want to share results of their own Hyerspace/Oversoul work and explore paranormal/metaphysical topics.

Contact: Heather: [email protected]


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