So, I have recently discovered that my home where I grew up was near the Rocky Flats nuclear facility in Colorado that was raided by the FBI and the EPA the year that I was born for environmental violations!  Wonderful, the lake that I used to swim and water ski in was a nuclear cesspool! Looks like I need a lot more detoxification now lol.  The correct papers have been sent it so now I am just waiting to get some kind of pay back sometime in the near future for the loss of property value on our old home .  No wonder I glow in the dark ! 🙂

Other than this I have been learning a lot from the doctor I work with about diagnosing and treating sacro-iliac joint disorders which has been fascinating.  It is always interesting in the office, especially when I have been having my weekly massage with an elderly woman whose forefathers were Nazis.  She is a very nice lady actually but her children are all ashamed of their heritage and even forgot how to speak German. They had to hide the truth from many in the US so they were not harmed.  I agree with her as she told her children that the victors write the history books. She grew up under Hitler when he was in power, she is even reading an original Mein Kampf copy that is written in German right now.  Funny, she says that she feels it was safer under Hitler that Trump!

Her friend just returned from Germany and says that there are so many refugees, the place is no longer the same and you can hardly find a German restaurant!  Ironically, the Green party of Germany has attacked the nativist, anti-immigration party AfD calling them “Nazis in parliament”, which is exactly what this patient of mine says they really are! Her husband was in the same POW camp as St John Paul II.  She told me a story about how the mafia was caught laundering money trough the Vatican and the Pope found out.  Now, this person who was caught is being protected by the Vatican but as a catch they are not allowed to leave otherwise the laws do not apply.

She knew all about the Vatican having it’s own laws, how Henry Ford was friends with Hitler, and how evil George Soros is. I always seems to have better conversation with her than people my own age who just want to talk about sports and television!  She is interested in and full of history and also told me that the Caribbean is named after cannibals. So I looked it up and found out that the very word “cannibal” comes from “Caribal,” referring to the Carib tribe natives of the Lesser Antilles.




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