I’ve been meaning to post something and I think I go too entangled in what I “should” write about. So im taking the easy way out in terms of writing, but its something that in my life I have been taking the “long” way out. Its about releasing. I’d like to see who else will jump in and offer their story or comments.

Ill start with physical body – since this is my current situation as well as has been a constant situation. I think I began as a husky kid when I was 8. Husky was the term given to the big clothing sizes for children. At least that’s how it was when I was child.  Im not going to elaborate so much on my past. If you have been on webinars with me, you’ve heard about it.

Since October I’ve been religious about getting into the gym anywhere from 4 to 7 days a week. I had decided to try the “keto” diet. Basically low carb, high fat diet. I believe more specifically its that you want a high fat to carb ratio – healthier carbs in particular, not pasta carbs. I dont know what I weighed when I started, the number wasn’t a goal or concern. Hopefully my doctor doesn’t read this right? Its ok I dont have one. Im going to guess I was 330lbs.  During the month of January the gym I attend, started a challenge, cash prizes to winners nationwide and free services to winners locally. Again not concerned with the “number” i entered the body transformation challenge, its based on your body fat percentage. When I signed up I weighed in at 302lbs and at 42.3% body fat.

Im going to keep the first post short. Im going to say that the challenge was good to keep up the motivation and I will say im going to use this blog to keep it going further. Who is going through similar? Would like to hear from you. Definitely feel free to brag about your achievements you deserve to do so.

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