Frustration, anger, irritation, jealousy. All different frequencies, even if some come under the same umbrella.

When you’re down, it’s easy for something to come along and knock you clean out of your centre. What happens when you maintain centre and balance?

This is when those feelings that are classified as ‘negative’ can be used constructively. Because you are centred and balanced you are better able to maintain clear thought. This is how those feelings can suddenly be used to provide proactive energy and momentum. This is YOU in control of Self.

My situation last night with the threatening email I received has been turned around and is being utilised correctly. It’s not easy to maintain this balance and forward movement when dealing with other people. People who are frightened or angry are in their animal mind and you can never really tell what their next move will be.

I used to have 2 dogs, a male and a female. They were both the same breed and from the same genetic family. When frightened, the male would attack. When frightened, the female would wet herself and run. Two extreme responses from the animal mind, which humans can exhibit. The female dog would exhibit aggression when she was jealous. This jealousy would literally have her biting the hand that fed her.

When we are able to maintain a balanced and centred mind, we’re able to rise above this animalistic behaviour. Not knowing the next step is often what people are really frightened about, rather than the actual situation.

When out of my centre I usually employ a variety of oils to assist me. Which oils I use depends upon the nuances of each situation. I usually reach for Balance, which is a beautifully, soft, gentle, soothing, grounding, calming aroma that brings me back into centre rather suddenly.

When I need something a bit more forceful due to anger, I usually reach for Clary Calm, which has Roman Chamomile in it, perfect for anger.

I just had a post come up on my FB newsfeed suggesting that 2 drops of Cardamom and 1 drop of Clove in some honey (which emulsifies the oils) in some hot water, will assist with relieving anger. I haven’t heard of this one before and will certainly be trying it!

What do you do when feeling angry?

Do you have pets?

Have you ever observed their behaviours or mental/emotional/physical issues?

Have you ever taken the next step and wondered what their issues say about you?

Do animals have emotions?

Have you ever acknowledged animalistic behaviour in yourSelf?

Are you able to maintain calm when life throws a curve ball at you?

Have you ever slowed down to consider what you’re actually stressed or frightened about?

How do you prevent yourself from joining the pack mentality?

Or do you feel comfortable in the pack? Why?

Do you know when silence is the best response?

Are you able to remain silent when someone is wanting a reply?


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