Here is an article about the Rosetta spacecraft which landed on the Comet 67P and supposedly lost all battery power and can no longer transmit images and info. All BS to stop any more news coverage. Read below from the San Diego Top News Examiner:

UFOs are in space, and the real mission of the Rosetta robotic space probe is to investigate not a comet but an alien space craft, leaked a European Space Agency employee. NASA made a deal with European government insiders after it detected radio bursts coming from space as early as some 20 years ago. Once it was determined that the signals were coming from comet 67P, NASA conspired with the European Space Agency to investigate what is believed to be a UFO or alien craft, not a comet. As reported by The Guardian on Nov. 14, the secret whistle-blowing employee of the ESA claims that the Rosetta mission is “part of a European Space Agency and Nasa cover-up to disguise the comet’s true alien nature.”

As far-fetched as the idea of a comet being a UFO or alien space craft might sound to some readers, it is noteworthy that The Guardian is reporting on the alleged NASA cover-up and conspiracy with the European Space Agency. As the source for its report, the British newspaper refers to an email that was sent to the website has been mentioned in several news reports about UFOs lately. For its latest revelation about the alleged NASA cover-up and conspiracy, the website published the letter written by the ESA employee. In the letter, the anonymous ESA employee claims that he or she cannot reveal his or her identity for safety reasons. However, the ESA employee accuses NASA and the European Space Agency of “blatant cover-ups” in wanting to land on the speeding comet. The employee attached photos (published by which claim to reveal the “true inner workings of Comet 67P.”

As part of his letter, the ESA employee writes the following:

“Do not think for ONE MOMENT that a space agency would suddenly decide to spend billions of dollars to build and send a spacecraft on a 12-year journey to simply take some close-up images of a randomly picked out comet floating in space. … Comet 67P is NOT a comet. Some 20 years ago Nasa began detecting radio bursts from an unknown origin out in space. It would later be known that these had likely come from the direction of the now named comet 67P. It does show signs on its outside of machine like parts and unnatural terrain.”

The Rosetta robotic space probe was built and launched by the European Space Agency in order to perform a detailed study of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko (67P) with both an orbiter, and lander module Philae. On Nov. 12, Rosetta’s Philae lander successfully made the first controlled touchdown on comet 67P but – after bouncing twice – came to rest in the shadow of a cliff where it is not receiving enough sunlight to recharge its solar batteries.

“From now on, no contact will be possible unless sufficient sunlight falls on the solar panels to generate enough power to wake it up. The possibility that this may happen later in the mission was boosted when mission controllers sent commands to rotate the lander’s main body with its fixed solar panels. This should have exposed more panel area to sunlight,” writes the European Space Agency in its latest update. “We still hope that at a later stage of the mission, perhaps when we are nearer to the Sun, that we might have enough solar illumination to wake up the lander and re-establish communication.”

The comet will be closest to the Sun on Aug. 13, 2015. Over the coming months, Rosetta will start to fly in more distant “unbound” orbits while performing a series of daring flybys past the comet, some within just 8 km of its center. Rosetta is a European Space Agency mission with contributions from its member states and NASA.

It takes over 28 minutes for the Philae lander’s signal to reach Earth via Rosetta. The images received so far show that the surface of the comet is covered by dust, debris, and panoramic images show layered walls of harder-looking material.

UFO aficionados prefer to think that the walls of the comet are walls of an alien space craft and that the truth behind the Rosetta comet mission is in fact a NASA cover-up and conspiracy with the ESA. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on one’s point of view), the ESA itself inadvertently fueled the cover-up and conspiracy theories when it disclosed that the comet was “singing.” Clicking oscillations in the comet’s magnetic field, below the range of human hearing, sound strangely tuneful and have many believe that the comet is in fact an alien spaceship. Ex-naval electronics warfare technician Carl Blackman wrote the following comment on his BPEarthWatch website: “Definitely not a natural signal, there is intelligent based stuff going on here.” And another commentator agrees with the ESA employee about the NASA cover-up theory, “this signal is very much a non-natural source. The irony of Rosetta being sent there is too strong a coincidence.”

So, what are your thoughts? Cover up? Triggering for alien invasion?


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