During last week’s Montauk Madness weekend seminar, I told the class about all the rituals that were being performed in the last few months that involved the deaths and kidnapping of children and women. Almost daily we read about a child being hurt or killed or a mother/ girlfriend missing and presumed dead.

I told everyone that all of this must be leading up to a major global ritual in the next few weeks, or at least before the end of this year.

Now, just yesterday we read about the suicide of Gia Allemand, a 29-year-old beauty who was on the TV shows, “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad”. She was also dating an NBA star and had everything to live for. Why would a woman like that take her life? This happened in New Orleans, major astral ritual center and sacrifice location. She was 29, 2+9=11= Double new beginning frequency.

On the same day in western Switzerland, not far from the Hadron Collider, we read about the death of 42-year-old, Mark Sutton, the Olympic parachutist who performed at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics dressed as James Bond, while his fellow parachutist dressed as Queen Elizabeth.

Sutton died while dressed in a wingsuit and jumping from a helicopter. He hit a cliff and fell into a deep ravine. Seems odd for such an expert jumper to die in a foolish manner like that. However, 4+2=6, which can also be represented as 33, or the End of A series Of Cycles.

So, the two unexpected deaths both took place near ritualistic centers and had the frequencies of a double new beginning and the end of a series of cycles!

This does indicate a major global event about to happen! The balance of a male and female sacrifice is significant.

I am also keeping my eyes on the horrific events happening now in Egypt, Iraq and Syria. Hundreds are being killed each week. Perhaps the Illuminati event will occur in the Muslim world.

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