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Stewart and I were talking about the programming/triggering of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” on our last podcast, but it is SANDRA BARR who brilliantly deciphered “ISIS” into “ICE US” and the “ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE”

Sandra’s work and research are stellar.  She has a unique way of looking at the news that Stewart and I have appreciated for several years since we became of her work.   Here is her latest Facebook Post  Read and Share Your thoughts and “PLEASE LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE” and let SANDRA BARR know you appreciate her, too:

A quick scroll down my home page this morning seems to be showing a lot of info on the ritual cleansing of America, with Americans being dowsed in icy water, a post by Mark Gray brought my attention to this story. The CIA terrorist wing otherwise known as ISIS have been running a muck in Northern Iraq, they have been killing the men from the ancient Yazidi tribe, and abducting the females, allegedly for breeding purposes! The Yazidi’s are believed to have a pure Aryan bloodline, many still have the blonde hair and blue eyes and they marry exclusively within their own tribe to keep that bloodline pure.
During Hitler’s reign of terror he obsessed about the Aryan race, Nazi scientists were dispatched all over the globe to study tribes in Tibet and elsewhere that were believed to be descended from the legendary Aryan’s.
Now! Given that those same scientists were spirited out of Germany at the end of the war (operation paperclip), and they were taken to America to continue their work, and the entire CIA and the rest have their foundations deep within that network of top German scientists, I’m thinking there is way more to this story than meets the eye!

So far over 300 Yazidi men have been murdered, and a similar number of women kidnapped, thousands of Yazidi are now fleeing Iraq. So where exactly have these pure Aryan women been taken?
The work, ethics and goals of those Nazi scientists continues to this day through the people they trained, given that the US have bases all over Iraq, and these women were kidnapped by ISIS I would say that more than a few of these women will end up as guinea pigs in American labs! And they will for sure be bred!

So while the world focus’s on Americans throwing buckets of icy water over themselves “ICE US”, the CIA “ISIS” continues the work of those top Nazi scientists in Iraq!
Stewart Swerdlow