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This has been an interesting Summer for observing the news.  Because we spent so much time traveling, we had little time to watch the actual news.  But once I was home again and started reading what is going on in the world, after having been absent from it for a few weeks, it is absolutely unbelievable!

Everything is so scripted it is almost a joke.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, life is now designed where you can’t tell what is real and what is not—unless you have been trained in Hyperspace/Oversoul Techniques.

Everything and everybody is doing everything that you can imagine and more.  You don’t know who you are, but if you don’t do what is trendiest at the moment, there is a good chance that you are going to be left in the wind as your “friends, cohorts, and colleagues” abandon you by the droves.

Imprinting of youth is really the target, which I have also addressed in many posts.  There is a big push to re-focus “older Americans” to relocate to other countries—why? to break the continuity between the older generation and the younger ones. To create a geographical rift so that young people don’t have access to the ways and morals of the older people.

Of course, many of the countries where they re-focus the older people to may have cheaper health care and food prices, but they are often very dangerous and in geographically unstable areas…but this is never mentioned!

As young people become further removed from the emotional attachments to their elders, they are easier to turn against their elders and the “old ways”.  Think of Hitler’s Youth Corps.  Even Obama has spoken of mobilizing the youth and is doing this via some of the FEMA training programs.

On my FB page one of the easiest ways to enrage people is to say something AGAINST the legalization of marijuana or about eating meat.

Legalization of drugs of ANY kind should be viewed with caution. I read this article today which glamorizes and supports the argument FOR mind-altering substances. 

I have spoken before about just because you CAN do something does not make it correct. Fewer and fewer people want to hear this message. They only want to hear what they want to hear.  There is so much information/disinformation out there that you can find the facts and figures to support almost any position you want to take on almost any matter.

So, what’s the point?  Well, the point is that the Global Plan is to get you to willingly take/use mind-altering substances; to willingly experiment with sexuality in all its formats; to willingly self-mutilate via surgery, tattoos, and piercings; to willingly turn on your peers—just read what has been said about Stewart and I on the Internet; to willingly accept only food given to you by the government; to willingly participate in New World Religion; and to willingly hand over your mind, and thus your body to the trend du jour.

The Goal is to merge the Astral Realm with this physical reality and they are teaching you what to do to pull in the Astral Realm by teaching you step-by-step how to re-arrange your own mind-pattern so that you do this for them; how to anchor in this Nonphysical realm into the Physical realm.

Every time you buy into their agenda, you move their goal one step closer.  Your choices are keeping Satan Alive & Well-Fed.

Satan is fed off of Energy.  Satanic Energy is being bombarded at the Earth.  Curse words, public sexuality, mind-altering substances from alcohol to drugs (legal and nonlegal), anger, hate, bitterness, war, killings, suicides, rape, and more all feed Satanic Energy.

The staged fights on the news, television interviews, talk shows, etc are all about enraging you so that you glow with the bright red of Satanic Energy, and the entry code into the Astral Realm. Why do you think Sex/Red are always shown together?

YOU are a human energy generator.  Your MIND determines what kind of energy is generated.

This is why I have decided to re-post some of my most popular public articles under “Janet’s Articles” so that you can think about what is going on and why.  They have to be re-posted anyway because of the new site.  So I am going to start posting them section by section so you have the opportunity to read them and think about them. I want you to understand what underlies all of this physical reality so that you are not blinded by the show—starting with “Unholy Trinity”.  Part I. Public article. Read it, think about it, and add your Voice to the Comments.

Together we can starve the Satanic Energy right out of this Reality.  It has always been here.  And it is YOUR choice whether it continues to be fed, or whether you want to starve it so that it goes away.