Few understand exactly what I do with essential oils. I AM a consultant and practitioner and can make up personalised blends as well as suggest recipes for you to make your own blends.

When I make a personalised blend for you it’s more than listening to you and selecting the most correct and beneficial oils for you. I tune into the frequency of that blend and match it your own.

What I do in my own time, and this is where my passion has guided me into greater depths of understanding, is I spend a few hours each day exploring an oil. All I do is inhale it. The oil reveals much information about itself through how it travels through my body and what it does there.

I’m discovering fine nuances between emotions. It’s easy to pile emotions into one category, for example; frustration, irritation, prickly, resentment, defensive, aggressive are often viewed as anger. They are each very different frequencies and when you feel them you’ll know without a doubt what each one is, though they do often cross boundaries with each other.

Some oils seem to dissolve emotions, others go straight there and shout ‘Here it is!’. Some go ‘oh! What’s in here?’ And they dive right in. Then there are others that slowly move along and stop, patiently waiting for guidance from you. I’ve encountered one that flooded my entire body within seconds and BOOM! Much happened!

Yes, I’m finding that essential oils have personalities.

What enables me to experience them this way? I am very sensitive and highly tuned in to my own body, though I have begun to wonder why certain oils have particular functions in the way that I experience and understand them.

Science can explain part of it. They are highly complicated chemical compounds, which work synergistically. Scientists like to isolate what they believe is the active component and recreate it synthetically. There are two issues here. Synthetics are not natural and cannot recreate nature as it is. Secondly, scientists are now beginning to accept that by isolating they are losing the natural synergistic qualities of the oils.

I understand the function of their chemical makeup, but I know there is something more going on. I often say that essential oils, particularly the ones I work with, are intelligent. I believe all essential oils are, but when they’re adulterated this changes their nature and the purity that they are becomes lost in a large and unfriendly crowd.

Still, how is it they do what they do? These oils tell me where my issues are, they show me, they allow me to feel them, to know them, they suggest and test for my readiness, they assist me in releasing emotional trauma. For those who have attended my classes, they experience their own journey and insight into these properties of essential oils.

I know how to work with them, rather than be a passive passenger, and this is when the real ‘magic’ happens. I’ve been working this way for almost a year now and what I’m discovering are greater depths to what I first discovered with each oil. This is exciting news! They have no limitations! As I release emotional trauma these oils are working on deeper layers.

Our bodies truly are connected across all levels, mental, emotional and physical. They each impact upon the other.

Today I experimented with a new oil that took me through a heavy, deep tissue massage that worked across the fibres of tendons to pull apart knots and tangles. This was physical, deep, uncomfortable and old emotions were released. Mentally and physically I was exhausted afterwards. Once the deepest part was done my body began to relax and I kept yawning from the release. This was all from a single inhalation of an oil. I knew which oil to follow up with, which came through and cleansed like a soft mop picking up crumbs and taking out the trash.

After working with these oils it’s important to care for yourself afterwards and seal that work in. Do you know what will happen if you don’t? It will all come straight back in.

I’m not interested in repeat clientele treating the same issue. Who does that help? Certainly not you!

I teach preparation, duration, and after care techniques so that you can move forward and upward.

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