Your name holds the secrets to why you are here in this reality!
And there’s a reason why you “should” have 3 names:

First Name- Conscious Mind
Middle Name – Subconscious Mind
Surname Name – Superconscoius Mind

So, if you don’t have a middle name, there is a high probability that your life goes to extremes – either really up or really down!
AND if you don’t have a middle name then you need to put one in that is culturally appropriate!

Your middle name is the bridge from your superconscious mind/God-Mind connection to your conscious mind. Without a middle name, you probably almost always feel like you are “almost there” but you just can’t quite bring the info in!

Your middle name also provides BALANCE in your life.
Too many middle names can throw your life into chaos!


Every letter of the alphabet is an Archetype with a specific meaning.

Together, they have “sound” which is “vibration” or “frequency”.

Why did you choose your name?

What is YOUR Specific frequency?

Do you like your name or not like your name? Why or why not?

Your Unique Name Frequency holds many Secrets-

With only your complete birth name and date of birth, our Experts unravel and reveal your hidden reasons for being.

All done by hand by focusing on:

The only time your report touches a computer is for the write-up and to send it to you via email.

You only have ONE Birth Name. You only need this report done 1x in your entire life.
Perfect gift for Newborns, Birthdays, Family, & Friends, but most important, for YOU.

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