Back in Melbourne and no sooner was I walking out of the airport that my phone was pinging. Full speed ahead with business. All I’d had all morning was my supplements before I left Sydney and hot lemon water on the plane. I was looking forward to relaxing with a coffee, knowing Dad would be out. I should have listened to OverSoul because I was feeling stressed and agitated while having coffee. It hadn’t helped that I’d arrived home feeling deep anger.

In the beginning stages of selling a property I’m selling off things I no longer need. I had begun my career as a high school teacher, also making jewellery. I loved working with silver, no surprise when 8 is my number. I had a fully equipped studio and I advertised it at an excellent price to sell. I wanted it gone. I’d closed the door on that part of my life about 10yrs ago and no longer need to carry that baggage around.

No matter what price you put on something, it seems people will want to negotiate. One tried to get me to separate items. No. Another wanted to come up and see it and make an offer. No. The person who really wanted it was prepared to get in a tiny car right that minute and drive over 5hrs to collect it! Sold!

It meant having to talk to the tenant, who happens to be co-owner. After I finally got hold of him, I felt so bothered I wasn’t enjoying my coffee. Yes, I should have listened to myself. That’s something I’ve been learning lately!

I’ve also set a price on our property that I KNOW we will get. The co-owner has low self worth and argues with me. Really?! Just step back and let me sort this out!

I’m aware my Self worth has risen as 12mths ago I finally achieved priority boarding status with the airline I fly with and I had felt embarrassed joining that queue. This latest trip I flew business, which turned out to be 1st class on the return trip. Did I have any embarrassment? Heck no! I deserve to be there! I AM worthy 🙂

Feeling angry, bothered and stressed I went and lay down with an oil. I haven’t done this for a while, but I’m about to begin working on a series of educational emotionoil videos and decided to re-familiarise myself with one.

Ohhh.. Geranium is the current oil for me 🙂 She released my diaphragm. Fear had been locked in there and this simple release had an extensive ‘knock on’ effect. More will be in my video, though they won’t be posted for a month or so yet. Releasing my diaphragm enabled the anger and frustration to dissipate and I know how to send feelings up.

Is it easy to put a price on the past?

How do you know when the ‘right’ buyer has shown up?

Can you look back 12mths and seen how you’ve changed?

Is it important to look back?





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