September Spectacular!


Monday, September 4 th– Friday, September 8th

9am -5pm Daily

St. Joseph MI.


   An Experiential Adventure Immersed in Hyperspace Oversoul Learning

Experience Your Inner-Nature Self
to Understand How YOU Create Your Outer-Nature World

 Janet and Stewart Swerdlow, Present their Latest and Most Current Research



True World History, Alien Agendas, Political & Social World View; New World Religion, Mind-Control & Deprogramming”

 Learn to Utilize the Hyperspace Techniques in the Everyday World to Understand the Complexities of the Multiverse!

Learn to Identify your perspectives of what you see and feel around you, including your:  Normal, “Para” Normal, History, Now, & Future.

 Health, Healing and YOU!

Understand Foundational Frequencies

  • Programming/Deprogramming
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Abuse and how to use it your past to create a better NOW
  • Recognize and interpret Oversoul Communication
  • MORE “True World History”  Insights and Explanations
  • Vortices Opening on Earth
  • Alien, ET and Interdimensional Exploration
  • Animal mind/Species mind
  • Recognize and interpret archetypes
  • Differentiate between archetypes and pictograms
  • Toning
  • Kuiper Belt Agenda Updates
  • Understand Nature as a representation of Self and Source
  • Understand and use “Know by Knowing/Go by Going/Do by Doing”
  • Hierarchy of YOU
  • New Spiritual Perspectives

September Spectacular!


Monday, September 4th – Friday, September 8thth

9am -5pm Daily

St. Joseph MI.

Everything is Frequency/Vibration/Information
Journey to Lake Michigan, Michigan Forests and Nature Preserves*
*Excursions to be determined


Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Interpretation of Declaration of Human Rights
  • Imposed Illnesses
  • Hidden Knowledge of Nature in Plain Sight
  • MORE Ancient History Secrets Revealed
  • Mysterious World of Radionics & New Holographic Healing Imprints
  • Truth of the Magdalene Lineage & Christ Figure PLUS What Happened Since Then
  • Colonizing New Worlds & Galaxies
  • New Topics Added based upon Janet & Stewart’s Latest Research from Now until September 4!


Don’t Miss out! Spend Time with Janet & Stewart! Ask YOUR Questions and Get the Answers You Have Been Waiting For!

“September Spectacular” Only Happens 1X per Year!

Make this Your Year!


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